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Aqua Armor

for Home Furnishings

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Product Description

Aqua Armor is a safe and easy to use waterproofing spray for all furnishings and fabrics. It will also provide long lasting stain protection to your outdoor fabrics.
Couches, chairs, banners, tablecloths, flags, nearly anything you can think of that needs waterproofing or stain fighting properties this spray can help with! There is no need to heat set this product; simply spray on and let air dry. Aqua Armor will dry leaving no odor and it will not yellow or stiffen the fabric.

A 16 ounce bottle can do up to 80 square feet and 32 ounce up to 160 square feet depending on fabric type and application method. Each bottle comes with a high output trigger so be sure not to over apply.
Aqua Armor is water-based, not solvent-based, and environmentally friendly. There are no harsh chemicals or aerosols.

It should be noted that this formula can be used for clothing with no adverse effects. However, it was originally intended for items that would never have to face the rigorous abuse that frequent journeys through a washing machine can inflict. When used for clothing you will have to reapply Aqua Armor more often as it will eventually be stripped from repeated washings with detergents.

To Apply:
Start with thoroughly clean and dry fabric - free of soap residue
Apply outdoors or in a well-ventilated area
Test for colorfastness in small inconspicuous area
Spray until item is evenly wet, slightly overlapping sprays
If drops form on surface wet a sponge with Aqua Armor and gently wipe up drops - Do not allow large drops to dry
Allow treated fabric to air dry completely, then sprinkle water on surface
If water beads, you are protected!
If water beads up a little but seems to still soak in a bit a second application may be necessary for your fabric type.


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