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Everyone loves to dress up their pets. Those of us without dogs don't know why. Those of us with dogs can't get enough of the pictures our customers have sent in. Dogs, cats, a turtle in a bandana, an alligator (yes, that's right, a real alligator!) in a Tie-Dyed T-Shirt, there just seems to be no length a pet lover won't go to.

Now we don't intend to have ferret hats or chihuahua boots but we do have a generic line of dog apparel that can be bought in a variety of sizes to fit your pet. Dog T-Shirts and Muscle Tees to fit any and all sizes of dog. Bandanas that can be wrapped and tied around the neck. We even have hoodies so your dog can "get down"!

All of our "pet-wear" is made of 100% cotton and can be dyed, painted, transferred onto, batiked, stamped on, you name it! These are ready for anything you can do to a human shirt and the bandanas are even interchangable between humans and pets (though you should probably make your own unless you want your dog to feel left out whenever you take hers or his).
Doggie T-shirts
Discounted as low as $7.39
Triangle Cotton Bandanas 22"x22"x29" - 12 pack
Discounted as low as $7.73
Doggie Baby Rib Tank (#DTT)
Doggie Skins Style 3902
Get it for $4.15
Doggie Bandana
Doggie Skins Style 3905
Get it for $2.37

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