Books & DVDs: A - Z (by Title)

Here's all of our books and DVDs in alphabetical order by title.

A to Z of Sewing

by Martingale & Company

This is a must have reference book for any sewing enthusiast.
Get it for $14.99
Addie Silk Art - Plein Air Silk Painting in Europe
by Addie Chernus
Addie Chernus journals her travels through Europe demonstrating her unique Plein Air Style of silk painting using the Serti Technique.
Get it for $31.50
Addie Silk Art: Silk Painting Lessons
by Addie Chernus
Addie Chernus offers this silk painting book containing 10 lessons vital to any aspiring silk painter.
Get it for $27.00
Addie Silk Art: Silk Painting Lessons DVD 1

by Addie Chernus

Addie teaches how to paint on silk to create finished art. This DVD is for beginners to advanced students.
Get it for $27.00
Advanced Tie-Dye Techniques: Shapes and Mandalas DVD

by Martine and Tom

In this advanced DVD (2 disc set!), the viewer is guided in depth into the creation of many advanced shapes and patterns! Do it like the pros!
Get it for $32.00
Arashi Shibori: A Language of Stripes

by Ana Lisa Hedstrom

A complete course on the techniques of Japanese Arashi Shibori pole wrapping.
Get it for $43.20
Batik Workshop DVD
by Rosi Robinson
2 disc DVD set that provides a variety of techniques with useful tips on how to create batik art on paper and fabric.
Get it for $40.50
Beyond Cotton

by Krista Fleckenstein

Learn how to make fabric with your own stamp designs. Krista covers, stamp carving, stamping fabric, watercolor on fabric, screen printing, dyeing and even working with leather.
Get it for $25.16
Breakdown Printing: New Dimensions for Texture and Color

by Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan

Learn how to print an ever-changing array of colors, marks, textures and distressed, organic and disintegrating effects.
Get it for $25.20
Cloth Doll Inspirations DVD
by Patti Medaris Culea
This DVD provides a variety of creative ideas for cloth doll makers.
Get it for $40.50
Color By Accident
by Ann Johnston
No experience required! Easy "low-water immersion" method.
Get it for $22.46
Color by Design
by Ann Johnston
In Ann Johnston‚’s latest book, you‚’ll find everything you need to know about painting and printing with Procion‚ Fiber Reactive dyes.
Get it for $26.95
Complex Cloth: The Workshops DVD Set
by Jane Dunnewold
This is a three DVD set and is the entire Complex Cloth workshop. The demonstrations begin with dyeing and overdyeing...
Get it for $67.50
Complex Cloth - A Comprehensive Guide To Surface Design
by Jane Dunnewold
Dunnewold explains her system of layering simple processes to produce fantastic surface design effects.
Get it for $26.99
Deconstructed Screen Printing DVD
by Kerr Grabowski
This visually stimulating DVD leads you through the exciting process of Screen Printing with Fiber Reactive Dyes.
Get it for $35.95
Digital Image Transfer: Creating Art with Your Photography
by Ellen G. Horovitz
This book shows you how to use digital technologies side-by-side with tried and true traditional crafting techniques to expand your horizons.
Get it for $22.45
Eco Colour: Botanical Dyes for Beautiful Textiles
by India Flint
Eco Colour botanical dyes for beautiful textiles by India Flint. This stunning book is written by a very well known eco dyer, with beautiful photography.
Get it for $35.99
Fabricadabra DVD

by Sandra McCall

Sandra McCall, author of 2 books on stamp art, inspires artists and crafters in whole new ways with her fabulous new DVD.
Get it for $20.00
Fabric Color Magic
by Abby Riba & Nick Coman
Projects and techniques using the wonderful deColourant products for discharging dye.
Get it for $22.49
Fabric + Paint + Thread = Fabulous

by Pat Durbin

Wonderful layout for this picture quilting book. Clear instructions on pre-painting fabric and motifs in thread. This book includes detailed directions in full color for 5 different projects.
Get it for $12.50
Fabric Surface Design

by Cheryl Rezendes

For the surface designer or fabric art enthusiast who just can't settle on one technique. Cheryl Rezendes offers concise demonstrations of over 80 fabric surface design techniques. 
Get it for $26.95
A Field Guide To Fabric Design
by Kimberly Kight
A comprehensive resource for fabric design and printing, including helpful tips and advice from today's premier fabric designers.
Discounted as low as $22.45
Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece
by Gail Callahan
Simple and effective techniques for dyeing yarn and roving with standard kitchen equipment.
Get it for $17.05
A Handbook of Indigo Dyeing
by Vivien Prideaux
From the beginner to the experienced dyer, all will be inspired by Vivien's wonderful creations. Includes detailed Shibori techniques with Indigo!
Get it for $26.95
Harvesting Color: How to Find Plants and Make Natural Dyes
by Rebecca Burgess
Master dyer Rebecca Burgess spotlights 36 plants that will yield beautiful natural shades.
Get it for $20.66
How to Tie-Dye Stars: Tie-Dye Secrets Revealed
by Richard W. Rogers
This is the most comprehensive instruction manual we’ve come across, dedicated to precision tying and folding techniques for the ever elusive star or mandala.
Get it for $28.75
Improvisational Screen Printing DVD
by Jane Dunnewold
This DVD details improvisational screen printing techniques using everyday or easily accessible materials.
Get it for $31.50
Irresistible Texture: Using Resists to Create Stunning Cloth
by Lisa Kerpoe
Lisa Kerpoe demonstrates the use of five resists: oatmeal, potato dextrin, commercial water-based resists, sodium alginate paste and soy wax.
Get it for $31.49
Kraft-tex Style

by Roxane Cerda

This book is well compiled with 27 projects in color, with detailed/illustrated instructions and project materials lists.
Get it for $19.76
Learn How to Tie-Dye: Complete 3 Volume Set

by Martine and Tom

In this 3 disc DVD set (Tie-dye 101 plus Advanced Tie-dye 2 disc set), the viewer is guided through every step of the process using Fiber Reactive Procion MX Dye, including how to create basic patterns, obtaining the best results, an
Get it for $49.95
Little Felted Animals
by Marie-Noelle Harvath
Create 16 irresistible creatures with simple needle-felting techniques.
Get it for $11.69
Lynn Koolish Teaches You Printing on Fabric
by Lynn Koolish
Finally, a clear step-by-step tutorial made for those of us who want to use our computer printers to create images on fabric.
Get it for $18.85
Made by Hand
by Lena Corwin
This book is full of great handmade gift giving ideas. Step by step photos, with many project templates/patterns included.
Get it for $26.95
Making Your Mark (Book & Bonus DVD)
by Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan
Explore the magic of using everyday tools such as scrapers, rollers, squeeze bottles etc. to create individual, personal marks on cloth or paper.
Get it for $22.45
Modern Color - An Illustrated Guide to Dyeing Fabric for Modern Quilts
By Kim Eichler-Messmer
Create a One-of-a-kind Quilt with Hand Dye Fabrics
Get it for $23.35
Modern Natural Dye
by Kristine Vejar
This is a must have book for anyone interested in natural dyeing. Info includes: shade cards, fiber conversion charts, project directions, each with a skills learned section; some including knitting patterns.
Get it for $26.95
Natural Dye Workshop 2 with Michel Garcia

by Michel Garcia

An in-depth exploration and explanation of red, blue, and yellow natural dyes on animal protein fibers.
Get it for $52.20
Natural Dye Workshop: Colors of Provence Using Sustainable Methods

by Michel Garcia

Dive into a world of natural dye as Michel takes you on a wonderful journey, sharing his knowledge as one of the leading natural dye experts in the world.
Get it for $52.20
One Needle, One Thread
by Tomoko Torimaru
Beautiful photography, this book explores the beautiful detailed embroidery work done by the Miao peoples of China. You will find detailed illustrated instructions on various embroidery stitches as well as many project ideas varying from handmade shoes, jacket and skirt panels.
Get it for $34.20
Paper and Metal Leaf Lamination Book & DVD
by Claire Benn, Jane Dunnewold and Leslie Morgan
Renowned fiber artists bring this exciting mixed media approach to fabric surface design into sharp focus with this must have guide and accompanying DVD.
Get it for $34.20
Rubbing Plate Roundup

by Shelly Stokes

The definitive guide to adding visual and dimensional texture to your fabric and craft projects with the simplest tool imaginable - the molded plastic rubbing plate.
Get it for $20.65
Screen Printing - Layering Textiles with Colour, Texture & Imagery Book/DVD
By Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan
This is not your average screen-printing book. Renowned textile artists Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan deliver the goods with this invaluable guide to building layers of depth, color and texture on your fabric.
Get it for $43.19
Shibori Designs & Techniques
by Mandy Southan
We've carried a variety of Shibori books over the years and we think this may be one of the best.
Get it for $17.95
Silk Painting DVD

by Jill Kennedy

Jill Kennedy is the well know silk paint artist and co-auther of "Silk Painting - New Ideas and Textures". She is also a great teacher! Jill's lively presentation and well organized format makes this how-to DVD a joy to watch.
Discounted as low as $24.26
Silk Painting for Wearable Art DVD

with Natasha Foucault

In Silk Painting for Wearable Art, Natasha Foucault works on a variety of silk frames and fabric sizes, all designed for wearing out on the town or around the pool. Four (4) workshops in one -- working from small to large frames for a variety of wearable art!
Get it for $49.50
Silk Painting for Fine Artists DVD

with Natasha Foucault

In Silk Painting for Fine Artists, Master Silk Painting Artist Natasha Foucault combines her love of travel, photography, teaching and fine art as she creates fine art silk paintings.
Get it for $49.50
Simple Silk Dyes DVD
by Marlene Glickman
Step by step though several techniques for working with Colorhue Silk Dyes. Great for the beginner and the advanced dyer alike.
Get it for $22.50
Speedball Screen Printing Instructional DVD

by Speedball

Learn to develop your own screens and print your own shirts, posters, flyers, etc.
Get it for $13.49
Stamp Stencil Paint: Making Extraordinary Patterned Projects by Hand
by Anna Joyce
Wonderful variety of project ideas with clear step by step pictures and detailed instructions for adding patterns to ready-made items from fabric, paper, ceramics, wall decorations.
Get it for $25.16
Start Spinning: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Yarn
by Maggie Casey
If you are a knitter or crocheter looking to take the step from just using manufactured yarn to making your own this is a great book to get you started.
Get it for $19.75
Stitch Resist Reconsidered
by Ana Lisa Hedstrom
In this 2 1/2 hour DVD, Ana Lisa Hedstrom presents a variety of ways to create exciting, multi-dimensional stitch-resist patterns and pleats for art clothing, quilts, and art textiles. 
Get it for $43.20
Stitched Shibori - Technique, Innovation, Pattern, Design

by Jane Callender

This book is great for the beginner, with all the information to get started, as well as innovative techniques and design for the experienced artist.
Get it for $31.50
The Encaustic Studio: a wax workshop in mixed-media art

by Daniella Woolf

Inside this inspiring guide to encaustic art, you'll discover a thorough introduction to materials, tools, and methods, with guidelines for preparing substrates, sizing, and heat-fusing encaustic medium and paints.
Get it for $24.25
by Sulfiati Harris with recipes by Dharma Trading Co.
Check out our great new Tie-Dye instruction book containing over 20 patterns for dyeing. Especially written for beginners and groups!
Get it for $4.95
Tie-Dye 101 DVD

by Martine and Tom

In this DVD, the viewer is guided through every step of the process using Fiber Reactive Procion MX Dye, including how to create basic patterns and obtain the best results.
Get it for $21.50
Transfer Embellish Stitch

by Jen Fox and Sarah Case

Transfer Embellish Stitch, 16 Textile Projects for the Modern Maker; by Jen Fox and Sarah Case. This book is a must have for surface design and fabric embellishment.
Get it for $24.25
Tray Dyeing Book and DVD

by Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan

Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan deliver precise and well thought out instructions for every step of this simple and exciting version of a low immersion dyeing technique.
Get it for $25.19
Uniquely Felt
by Christine White
Christine White, a professional teacher and feltmaker, gathers her considerable knowledge of the craft to write the comprehensive guide to all things felt.
Get it for $22.45
Using Tjap Stamps & Basic Batik
by Kathie George
You'll learn the 4 secrets of making a good print every time, different techniques for different effects.
Get it for $24.25
Vibrant Color: Combining Soy Wax and Dye for Brilliant Results
by Jane Dunnewold and Lisa Kerpoe
Full of innovative techniques for melding soy wax and dye; creating your own crayons perfect for rubbings, drawing and writing; and making dye paste for stamping, stenciling and more.
Get it for $31.50
Wild Color: Revised and Updated
by Jenny Dean
The best resource on natural dyeing is back, updated to make your colorful hobby even more beautiful and rewarding.
Discounted as low as $20.69

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