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All of our books are discounted at least 10% off the list price! These are the best batik books we could find.

Using Tjap Stamps & Basic Batik
Kathie's two and a half hour instructional DVD is now available and is chock full of projects and demos. She does work mostly on art papers, however we found her instruction to be applicable to working with fabrics as well if you already know how to do the dyeing for the batik. You'll learn the 4 secrets of making a good print every time, different techniques for different effects, how using other papers change the look and which papers to try, printable files for an Idea Book with many projects... plus a small project showing her basic batik technique... and much more!
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 2 disc -150 minutes
Batik Workshop DVD
Batik Workshop DVD

Once again Rosi Robinson takes us on an insightful tour through the beautiful world of batik. You may have had the opportunity to read some of Rosi's books but now you can see the techniques as they happen, almost as good as being in one of her classes! Four hours of inspirational batik workshops that are sure to appeal to both teachers and students of batik. This is the step-by-step Batik DVD that we have been waiting for! A bonus - learn to batik on both paper and fabric!

Disc one is all about the "Paper Workshop". Rosi explores the ways to use waxes, tools and dyes to come up with some incredible effects on many different types of paper. Wall art, greeting cards and illuminated lamps are covered in this DVD.

Disc two covers the "Fabric Workshop". Here we are shown the uses of traditional and non-traditional utensils on both silk and cotton. Rosi teaches us how to use batiking tools from around the world as well as things from around the house! Along the way she answers many of the most common questions about how to create your own batik and what to do when things go wrong.

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  2 Disc - Runtime 240 minutes
Soy Wax Inspirations
Soy Wax Inspirations
We LOVE Soy wax here at Dharma. This wonderful, eco-friendly and easy to use product has a miriad of suface design uses. Susan Purney Mark explores it's potential in a variety of ways in this well thought out and easy to understand DVD.
Informative and fun, SOY WAX INSPIRATIONS with SUSAN PURNEY MARK is an essential reference for every surface design artist interested in exploring soy wax -- a safe and easy way to enjoy working with resist.  Included in this 2.5 hour DVD:
- Soy Wax Dyes & Equipment / Getting Started
- Journaling and Color Charts
- Layering Wax & Dye with Value Gradations
- Using Thickened Dyes with Screen Printing
- Pattern Resist, Pole Wrapping and Clamp Resist
- Layered Stitch Resist with Wonderful Results
- Sun Printing & Discharging with a Wax Resist
- Conclusion: Inspirational Fabrics
 Susan Purney Mark is an Author, Instructor, and Textile Artist living and working in British Columbia, Canada.  
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 1 Disc - 148 Minutes
Creative Batik
Creative Batik

We're excited about this one - it's a fabulous book on batik. You'll find colorful photographs and clear instructions on many techniques using hard wax, stamps, brushes, teching, cracking, and discharging. It's the how-to photos that make this book special. Each step is visually explained so it's real easy to follow. If you already batik and are ready for the next level, this is also the right book. Beautiful examples of batik pillow covers, scarves and lampshades.

9" x 11", soft cover, color photos, 96 pages.

In order to provide you with the best possible customer service we went through the book and made a list of all the products we carry that it recommends for projects. We hope this will save you time and money in extra shipping costs! 

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  Soft Cover - 96 pages
Tie-Dye To Die For & Batik You Can't Resist!
Tie Dye To Die For & Batik You Can't Resist!

Whew! What a long title. This book tells you how to do some pretty hot tie-dye designs.Mirror image half spiral, mirror image fan, yin/yang, pleated and crinkled, starburst and more. Also clear Procion instructions. Then it goes into batik - how to and patterns you can use. This is a short book (29 pages), but it gets right to the point with practical how to info.

8.5"x11", soft cover, lots of drawings and photos, some great color photos, 29 pages.

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 Soft cover - 29 pages
Batik Start Page
Everything you need to know about Batik: How it's done, getting started, ideas and projects, materials, examples, advanced information and more!

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