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Where cracks are not mistakes! Dharma Trading Co. has everything you need for Batik on Fabric.

Copper Batik Tjaps
Get it for $39.99
Beeswax Pellets
Get it for $8.35
Melting Skillet
Get it for $9.29
Wax Thermometer
Get it for $5.95
Procion Deluxe Batik Starter Set
Discounted as low as $38.95
Discounted as low as $3.65
Better Tjantings (Batik Tools)
Discounted as low as $5.25
Electric Tjanting Tool & Temperature Regulator
Discounted as low as $27.89
Batik Tjanting Sets
Discounted as low as $6.49
Batik Dropper Pen
Get it for $4.55
Burnishing Creasing Scoring Tool
Discounted as low as $5.10
Flat Brushes
Get it for $0.54
Foam Brushes
Discounted as low as $0.69
Soy Wax Flakes
Discounted as low as $1.55
Batik Wax
Discounted as low as $10.95
Discounted as low as $12.54
Sticky (Microcrystalline) Wax
Discounted as low as $4.71
Paraffin Wax
Discounted as low as $2.15
Jacquard Removable Water Based Resist
Get it for $3.29
Elmers Washable Gel Glue
Discounted as low as $1.69
Electronic Digital Scale
Get it for $44.95
Easy Fix Fabric Stretcher Frames & Hooks
Get it for $9.95
Wooden Embroidery Hoops
Discounted as low as $0.98
Silk Clips
Get it for $4.76
Chinese Suspension Hooks
Get it for $9.49
Silk Thumbtacks
Discounted as low as $11.69
Stainless Steel Pushpins
Discounted as low as $10.15
Rubber Bands
Discounted as low as $6.35
Latex Free Rubber Bands
Latex Free Rubber Bands
One quarter of a pound of latex free rubber bands made from synthetic rubber and bright orange in color for easy identification.
Projecta Scope
Discounted as low as $29.79
Blank Newsprint Paper
Get it for $1.69

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