Tumble Dye Tie-dye - Spray Dye

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USE FOR: Tie-dye, Spray Dyeing, Dip Dyeing, Fabric Painting

USE ON: Cotton, Rayon, Hemp, Silk, Nylon, some Polyester, and Synthetic Blends, Baskets, Wood and Paper

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Ready for a dye that you can use right away no muss, no fuss? Well then Tumble Dye Spray Dye is for you! No mixing of other bonding chemicals necessary. Tumble Dye is a pre-mixed pigment dye that eliminates the need for masks, fixatives, and tons of rinsing. It's an easy and permanent "dye" (technically, it's a paint) for use on fabrics, ribbon, lace, trims, silks, dried flowers, baskets, wood, paper, and more.

Create your design by spraying, dipping, or painting. In our Tumble Dye adventures we have found that our 2/4/8/16 ounce sized Yorker spouts fit the Tumble Dye bottles for added control over where the dye ends up! After the article is completely dry, simply heat set in a HOT dryer for 20 minutes or iron with a hot iron. Tumble Dye is non-toxic and environmentally safe. That makes it perfect for kids tie-dye parties! Mix colors or dilute with water for even more color options.

  • Shake well.
  • Twist, tie, fold, or use stencil to create a design.
  • Spray on dry or wet fabric (wet recommended for tie-dye). Protect areas you don't want dyed.
  • Let item air dry.
  • Heat set in the dryer in high for 20 minutes.

Like all pigment dyes, you will experience a little fading with the first wash, but we were impressed with how little loss of color we had. No, you cannot make tie-dyes that look like what the pros make with this product. Only Fiber Reactive Dyes will do that. If the color is important TEST FIRST! With a product like this that sits on the surface where you spray it, also expect to have a lot of white left in the design once you unfold the shirt. But you can get some pretty fun results quickly - low on the fuss and muss scale.

Per manufacturer: one 2 oz. bottle makes up to 6 adult shirts. If the shirt is wet the 2 oz bottle spreads enough to color 9 adult shirts. This may vary depending on heaviness of cotton, size of shirt and how heavy you apply it.

Everything you love about Tumble Dye... WITH SPARKLES!
*ahem* Sorry about that. Glitter plus ease of Tumble Dye is just about enough to drive any child wild (especially us bigger kids). Getting a few "normal colors"? Pick up a couple of these shiny bottles of craziness; you can bet you won't regret it!

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I love this dye! Super easy to use and it stays vibrant. So much easier than tye dye! We have made shirts scarves and fabric for a quilt already.
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Super easy cleanup great colors a wonderful choice for young children as well as adults.Finished product is beautiful!
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The bottles leaked while using leaving huge drops on the fabric. I was teaching a work shop for kids and they were unable to depress the sprayer without me helping them it leaked for me as well.The product itself works great I just wish the sprayer worked better.
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I love this stuff! Great for when I want to dye a few pieces and don't have a lot of time to mix dyes or time for a big clean up. The spray feature is nice. I haven't had trouble with fading but I tend to saturate the fabric with dye. I then wrap it in plastic wrap for a couple of hours then hang it on the clothesline outside to dry completely before setting the dye in the dryer. I don't usually wash them right away after dyeing. Most of my dyed clothing I wear for dance and skating so it gets washed a good bit.
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Really like these. Expect to go through them pretty fast if you saturate well. Fortunately they're pretty inexpensive!
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