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We have begun picking orders using tablet computers, rather than printed pick lists. This will save 1,232 lbs. of paper per year! That's equal to 100,000 sheets of paper or 220 Reams or 22 Cases. That's a lot of paper!

We gave up styrofoam packing peanuts and replaced them with a packing material made from pure biodegradable potato starch. It seems to do a good a job of protecting the jars, and can be dissolved in water or composted after. It costs us a lot more but what the hey. We yell at our suppliers who still use styrofoam peanut packing.

The black containers for packing the dyes are made of 100% from ground-up recycled plastic. (A black color pellet is added to the molten plastic to give it a uniform color).

We reuse or recycle incoming cardboard shipping boxes.

All of our new shipping boxes are now either partly or 100% made from recycled cardboard or we use boxes other companies are going to throw away. (Sorry, don't get too excited if your Dharma shipment box says CHOCOLATES on the outside!)

Whenever possible, we use Soy inks to print our marketing materials.

Whenever possible, we also print our marketing materials on recycled paper.

More of our clothing products are made without the use of chemicals.

We recycle our waste paper, plastic, bottles and cans, and use only fluorescent lighting.

We use 95% post-consumer recycled paper products (TP, tissues, napkins, paper towels, etc.) in our warehouse and store.

We compost our office coffee grounds and it's amazing how much coffee we drink!

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