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Felted Pinwheels

Have you tried felting yet?  It’s so easy and a fun effect.  We’ve been making these little mixed color pinwheels for accessories. Boo’s favorites are the rainbow ones. With this technique using pipecleaners it’s easy to make a long “rope-like” piece of felted wool.

To Make Your Pinwheels

First, you need some wool roving (I got mine from Dharma Trading)…..and a little bag goes a long way.  It comes in a variety of colors.

To start I began wrapping a small piece of wool roving around the end of a pipecleaner:

Using the felting pen I punched it in a few places to secure it in place. (See my basic needle felting tutorial here to understand this process fully)

Shopping list:

Clover Natural Wool Roving or

Felting Pen

Fabric Glue

Hot glue gun


Plastic kitchen saran wrap

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