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About Our Fabrics....
  • Width measurements are approximate - they can vary a bit from shipment to shipment. Some fabrics have a woven selvage and some unwoven.
  • Fabric shrinks. None of our fabrics are considered pre-shrunk. On each type, we have done tests with a hot wash and dryer and tried to give you an idea how much it will shrink in length and width, but it can vary from batch to batch, so this is just intended to be a guide. Remember to allow for shrinkage!
  • It is natural for silk to have some irregularities - it's the nature of 100% silk fabric - surface variations are to be expected and are in no way to be considered defective.
  • "mm" means momme, the unit of measure used to designate the weight of silk. Bigger number, heavier weight silk.
  • Regrettably, returns of fabric have to invoke a 20% restocking charge.
  • Silk bolts are approximately 50 yds. Bolts are often a little over or under; we will charge you only for what is actually on the bolt. The 50 yd bolts are usually between 45 and 55 yds.

All our fabric is off-white, white, or where noted, black.

Our fabrics are either:

  • "Natural" - washed, NOT bleached, NOT optically whitened (known as Greige Goods - pronounced gray).
  • Washed, bleached, but NOT optically whitened (known as PFD).
  • Washed, bleached, AND optically whitened

They all dye well. Technically, non-optic whitened fabric dyes better (however, we find it hard to see the difference). For processes like tie-dye and batik, some folks prefer optical or at least well bleached fabric so it is as white as possible in areas with no dye.

If fabric has been treated in any way, for crease resistance, permanent press, water proofing or just to look good in the store (a common practice) or to function better in it's intended use, this will reduce the effectiveness of the dye (any dye) or resist the dye entirely. The finish that was applied will keep the dye from adhering.

All of the fabrics that we offer are intended to be without such treatments and are ready to dye as is. However, when solid color dyeing, pre-washing or scouring is ALWAYS recommended! (just in case there is some residual machine oil, skin oil from handling the fabric or any other residue from the many steps along the way the fabric takes). Use Synthrapol or our Professional Textile Detergent and HOT water for pre-washing, and add some Soda Ash to that mix to really scour cottons and other plant fiber fabrics (but not wools or silks), especially natural ones that haven't been bleached.

Other things worth mentioning are:

  • We are only able to sell fabric by the full yard (no fractions of yards).
  • Bolt sizes may vary, either smaller or bigger - that is how they come to us from the mills in the U.S. as well as from overseas. We only charge you for what is actually on the bolt - if you order bolts online, the final total of your order may vary slightly because of this.
  • Bolts may not be continuous yardage. It's not uncommon for there to be at least one break in a bolt.
  • Fabric returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.
  • Sample swatchesare available for all our fabrics for $0.25 or less with free shipping!
  • Our Fabrics are not treated with fire retardant and are therefore not recommended for baby wear. 

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