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Identipen Dual Tip Fabric Pens

Permanent on Fabrics!

 4.44 ( 32 review )
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Identipen Fabric Pens are dual point pens with a tough fiberfine point on one end and an extra fine tip for details on the other. Withstands the roughest of treatment yet can provide the most delicate touch on silk. The ink is really permanent not only on fabrics, but on metal, glass, plastic, leather, wood, photos, ceramics, and more. It spread less on silk in our tests than other pens. Has a slight odor.

Made in: Made in: JAPAN (JP)

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This multi-purpose pen is determined to do the job on almost any surface! The Identi-Pen is two, permanent sharp-pointed marking pens in one: a tough, fine-point bullet shaped fiber tip on one end and a finer, plastic tip for details on the other. Use this pen on paper products and non-porous surfaces such as metal, glass, tools, sporting goods, test tubes, photographs, plastics, CDs and wood. Available in eight colors: black, blue, red, green, brown, purple, orange, and yellow. Identi-Pen inks are permanent, waterproof, have low odor, bleed-proof on most papers, and are built for heavy use. The alcohol solvent, dye-stuff colorant ink will mark on nearly any surface including slick PVC and poly-propylene sheet protectors. Alcohol based cleaners will remove ink from non-porous surfaces. Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards (AP seal)
32 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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I use these to write on my fabric tags for my quilts. They do not bleed too much and the color stays bright even after washing. I did not need to heat set it.
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This pen is excellent for drawing on silk without the lines spreading like with other pens. The only small problem with these pens is the finer tip runs out of ink after drawing on two to 3 scarves
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Excellent for drawing on silk scarves (from China). The designs show up clear on the back of the silk and you can't tell which side is the right side. The only draw back is I had to get more identipens because the thin tip ran out of ink a lot quicker than the thick side and I prefer to use the thin tip with my Zentangle drawing on Silk. (Look up and those who's interested will know what I'm talking about. I prefer black in these pens more because zentangles are usually drawn in black outline but if you do use color with them the combination on the color with the black outline will make your design pop and that's what I love. Try having more of the black in your store. Dharma saved my butt on gift giving with the silk scarves they carry since they don't cost much money. I was able to give my Mom a wonderful birthday gift that became a huge hit! Moms wants to Frame her scarf and not wear it. She thinks it's too pretty to wear. Wish I can share a photograph of this scarf I did for my Mom with you Dharma. Wish you have a Gallery for satisfied cutomers can share their crafts from the products you sell.
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ok wow. these are great nice crisp lines not a lot of bleeding and if you combined them with a flow stop you will have no bleeding at all. The colors stay bright and deep. The do not fade or wash out. You can't go wrong with these pens.
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The Identipen is listed as permanent BUT the red ink bled yellow when I washed the fabric. I tried heat setting the ink first and it still bled. The black and brown ink worked fine. I do like the two tip sizes. They write smoothly on fabric.
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Ordered these pens based on the product description. Really really disappointed. I used them on a 100% cotton Tee. Heat set them. Laundered the tee a few days later cold water. ALL colors ran and bled onto other items in wash load. Wasted money
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I have been looking for a pen that can write with precision on fabric and this pen seems to work very well so far. The lines are clean and easy to control and there is very little bleeding unlike many other pens I have tried. I haven't tried to wash the material so I don't know if it fades or bleeds when wet.
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these work !!
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work great on silk
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Lasts a long time
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I have used them in quilting for years and love them.
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Very handy
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This pen has two fine tips doesn't run at all and the ones I've purchased in the past seem to almost forever. Nothing else gives me the precise results I want for the work I do. So much more than just an ID pen!
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