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  8 oz. White Cream
Sorry, this has been discontinued. Please refer to Jacquard's DeColourant #DDP
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Product Description

deColourant is a ready to use white discharging cream, with, get this, NO offensive odor!!! Just a light citrus smell.
Use deColourant to remove the color from dyed natural fabrics, such as cotton, rayon, or linen. deColourant also works on many papers. It will remove the dyed color and leave the natural undyed color of the item, depending, of course, on what the item is dyed with originally. Some dye colors discharge to other colors, lighter versions, and some don't discharge. Acid dyes normally used on silk and wool are usually not discharged very easily. This product works in a very similar way as our Jacquard Discharge Paste, only without the noxious ammonia smell when you iron it. Logic does tell you, though, that it is still a chemical with a chemical reaction going on, which can release fumes even if you cannot smell them, so we still recommend you use it in a well ventilated area. A respirator with a gas cartridge is recommended for any discharge products if you are using them constantly for production or have chemical sensitivities.

deColourant Mist Spray: works best with dyed natural fabric and non-glossy papers. Some colors may not remove well. For best results, always test samples first. Protect surrounding areas. Spray desired design using a stencil or found object. Allow to dry and iron until desired result is achieved. For extra color removal, iron with steam. Color will leave at this stage. Wash fabrics with mild detergent to return to natural softness.

deColourant Plus acts the same way as deColourant, but in one step it removes the color (like deColourant) and adds a new color to replace the removed color. Basically, deColourant Plus is deColourant creme with pigments already added. In a single pass, deColourant Plus both removes the dyed color from natural fibers and replaces that color with the deColourant Plus pigment.

How does deColourant work? deColourant is activated by heat. Nothing happens until you heat the deColourant creme. Apply the design you want. If you do not like it, remove it! You won't damage or change your work materials. When you have the design exactly as you want it, let it dry completely. 24 hours is best. Apply heat to the deColourant. The more heat, the more color is removed. You can use a household iron on the steam setting, a heat gun, or even the sun! When your design is done, after 24-48 hours, you simply wash out any remaining deColourant and no more color will be removed. Steaming with the iron worked best in our tests.

deColourant does not damage your work materials. It only activates with heat. On fabrics, it does not change the "hand" of the fabric. Your finished design is as supple as the original fabric. Designs made with deColourant can safely be washed, ironed, or more with no further effects.

Because the "dischargability" of dyes is so variable, we strongly recommend that before you begin any project you test a scrap first to be sure you are getting the effects you want!

How To Use deColourant

  • Rubber Stamping Techniques click here

    deColourant was designed to give precise fine-line detail. It is a perfect match for rubber stamping.

    Apply deColourant to the face of your favorite Rubber Stamp. Apply deColourant evenly, and make sure you have a uniform layer. If you are using deColourant Plus, you can "paint" the stamp with different colors.

    NOTE: Rubber Stamps work better than clear stamps.

    Hold the stamp down with firm pressure for about 10 seconds for a uniform image. If you are using a heavy layer of deColourant, you may want to put a protective layer underneath your work so the deColourant does not travel thru the top layer.

    Lift off Rubber Stamp. deColourant has been transferred to your work.

    Apply Heat to set deColourant and remove color from your work.
    The more heat, the more color is removed. You can also direct heat to certain areas and remove more color from those areas.
    To avoid transferring deColourant to the bottom of your iron, wait until the deColourant has dried completely before ironing.

    NOTE: You can speed up the drying time by using a hot-air gun.

    Various color depths can be achieved by varying the amoung of heat applied to the deColourant.

    Wash fabric to remove any excess deColourant. This will set the design, and no more color will be removed.

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  • Stenciling Techniques click here
  • Shibori Techniques click here

49 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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I just used this yesterday to stencil a tshirt and it worked great. Low odor easy to use and a great consistency for stenciling.
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8 of 8 users found this review helpful.
Seems to work very well on silk doupioni.The smell is not as pleasant as advertised but so much better than Jacquard Discharge paste. Non-toxicdoes not cause a head ache & one doesn't need a respirator.
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7 of 8 users found this review helpful.
We had minimal success with this product on silk.
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6 of 6 users found this review helpful.
This was fun to use. I had a shirt that I wanted to cover up stains on so I used a rubber stamp with this stuff on it. The color discharges lighter than it goes on but it looked like a neat distressed look. Now I want to try in on some jeans!
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6 of 6 users found this review helpful.
I couldn't believe the way this worked. I'm going to be using it a lot.
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5 of 6 users found this review helpful.
I have been playing with this product for a couple of days now and have used several of the products made by this company. The smell isn't too bad and resembles the smell of hair colouring products (ammonia or peroxide?). First off I found that the decolourant that you paint on can be a little difficult to apply to dry fabric. It's rather thick which means that the edges of the brush strokes appear ragged. I plan to use it on wet fabric next and see if that makes a difference. I did try diluting it and I got more precise lines but they did not become much lighter than the original colour on the fabric. I didn't compare this with undiluted product on the same fabric so I'm not sure if this was due to the fabric or the dilution. Next I tried some of the yellow decolourant on some autumn gold and brown commercial batik fabric to create vein lines in grape leaves which will be appliqued. The results were terrific although again the edges of my lines were messy. I plan to try diluting this slightly as well to see if it gives the same degree of colour shift. Finally I tried the spray decolourant in an effort to get a smoother transition from discharged to non-discharged fabric. I applied this to a piece of fabric I had dyed with fiber reactive dyes. First I must say that the spray nozzle is terrible! It squirts rather than sprays and sends a short stream of liquid in one direction but with a few large drops going in a different and unpredictable direction. I don't think any landed somewhere it shouldn't have but I'm not 100% positive. So in an effort to get a more even distribution of decolourant on the fabric I used a finger to smear it around and feathered the edges out from the treated section by sweeping out away from it toward the dry fabric. (I did use a bare finger and it hasn't fallen off yet... next time I'll use gloves.) The fabric I used had been dyed with a purplish blue that contained turquoise dye (which another reviewer had said would be very difficult to remove) mixed with crimson. After the treated areas were dry I ironed them and the fabric appeared to become an ivory white on the areas where I ironed the longest. But when I washed the fabric some colour returned and the treated areas became a light turquoise. It seemed that the crimson dye had been completely removed but the turquoise dye only partially. I re-treated part of one of the turquoise areas and it lightened slightly but remained turquoise even though it again appeared as if it had become almost white after the ironing step. The amount of ironing definitely affected the degree of colour removal. In order to get a smoother colour transition I ironed to within about a half inch of the edge of the applied product and then concentrated the ironing more and more as I moved away from that area. I was able to get a smooth transition (especially after rinsing) by swirling the iron and not letting it sit in one place at all. I'm happy with this turquoise colour although it wasn't what I was originally looking for.
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1 of 1 users found this review helpful.
great works well and the results are often a suprise ...serandipity
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Does the job I needed it to do and very easy to use.
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I first used decolourant in a textile design class I am taking this semester. I was amazed at the ease of application and new effects that could be achieved. No smell!!
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I enjoy the quality of de-coloring these paints allow. Plus they can be mixed. I wish one could buy individual colors. No smell!
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I love how this works! It does a great job of getting into the fabric. After ironing and washing it has a nice metallic look to it. Even when the fabric is stretched it still retains the look it did when applied.
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I have used the neon plus a couple of times now. The product needs to be completely dry before heat setting. I got best results using a steam iron for heat setting and really blasting the fabric with steam as I ironed holding the iron in place for at least 5 seconds before moving on (depending on fabric you may need to monitor carefully for scorching) and going over the areas a couple of times. Waiting a full 48 hours before washing also seems to ensure good results. The neon colors all turned out as vibrant and beautiful as the wet color of paste!
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I tried the yellow decolourant on cotton dyed with turquoise blue and was not happy with how faint the results were. It could be I did not let the product sit a full 24 hours but while it appeared to be working when I heat set it that was just residue and after washing the test piece looked mildly stained rather than discharged and colored. I'll try again.
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