Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Inks

Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Inks
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USE FOR: Screen Printing, Hand painting, Block Printing, Stenciling, Stamping

USE ON: All surfaces - Permanent on most

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Screen Printing Inks
100 Colorless
101 Yellow
102 Golden Yellow
103 Orange
104 Red
105 Bright Red
106 Scarlet
107 Magenta
108 Violet
109 Sky Blue
110 Royal Blue
111 Blue
112 Navy
113 Turquoise
114 Yellow Green
115 Green
116 Brown
117 Black
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118 White
119 Super Opaque White
120 Gold
121 Solar Gold
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122 Silver
123 Copper
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124 Opaque Yellow
125 Opaque Orange
126 Opaque Red
127 Opaque Violet
128 Opaque Blue
129 Opaque Green
131 Opaque Brown
132 Opaque Navy
133 Opaque Rubine
134 Opaque Ochre
140 Process Yellow
141 Process Magenta
142 Process Cyan
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Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Inks have good body and screen beautifully with excellent resolution. With a slightly more noticeable, hand they are especially well suited to commercial applications. These inks were designed for all surfaces and are permanent on most. They will not wrinkle paper when screening art prints. Choose from a nice assortment of regular, metallic, opaque and "process" colors.

Extended Open Time: These inks break new ground with a greatly extended open time unmatched by any other ink. This gives you the flexibility to work with more colors and do bigger runs without the ink drying in the screens.

Permanence: Archival & lightfast these inks are permanent on most non-porous surfaces including: fabric, paper, plastic, vinyl, leather, metal, & more! Fabrics must be heatset for permanence and durability, or you can add Jacquard AirFix to the paint before screening and cure for a few days. Once set, the inks are fully washable and dry-cleanable on all natural & synthetic fabrics. Since these stick to almost anything, they are great for linoleum block printing as well. No need to rough up the linoleum.

Washability: Fully washable and dry-cleanable on all natural & synthetic fabrics when properly heat fixed.

Waterbased: No smelly solvents and cleanup is easy with just soap & water.

Process colors: Jacquard has created these colors for those who screen print using what's known as "4 Color Process Screen Printing" or "CMYK Printing". Using this process the four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) can reproduce most of the entire spectrum of colors. This particular style of printing takes special care and is much trickier than simple screen printing. The Process colors can be used in the the same ways as the others but were created specifically with CMYK printers in mind.

Basic Instructions

  • Use straight or thin as desired with water.
  • Pre-wash fabric before printing if necessary to preshrink and remove sizing.
  • To heat set on fabric: iron on reverse side for 1 minute at appropriate fabric setting. Keep iron moving.
  • Use standard fabric setting for conveyors or commercial dryers.
  • Always test samples prior to production runs.
  • Curing
    Jacquard Screen Inks are self-curing on most
    surfaces no heat needed. For maximum wash
    fastness on textiles, heat at 250-300 degrees
    Fahrenheit for one to two minutes. Lower
    temperature, for longer periods of time may be
    required for some synthetic fibers.  OR, for textiles use Jacquard AirFix additive, instead of heat setting.
  • Clean Up
    Clean up with warm water. Mild commercial
    detergents may be used to remove spots where
    the ink my have dried in the screen.
    Always test this product for wash fastness,
    adhesion, and other requirements specific to
    your application prior to production runs.
    Non-absorbent surfaces such as plastic and metal
    need to be cleaned before printing. While Jacquard
    Screen Printing Inks are certified ASTM D-4236,
    good housekeeping is always advised. 
  • Opacity
    Use White (JSI118) or Super Opaque White
    (JSI119) to print as a separate color or blend with
    other colors to increase opacity.
    Try our five new Jacquard Opaque Screen Inks
    (JSI124 - JSI129) for unparalleled opacity.
    Also available are our Metallic inks for both
    opacity and metallic effects on all backgrounds. 
  • Suggested Screen Mesh sizes
    Use monofilament polyester meshes.
    Opaque Colors = 110 mesh
    Metallic Colors = 86 mesh
    Regular Colors = 156 mesh. 
  • Stencils
    Use any water resistant emulsion.

For more info and to see how these inks stack up against the competition, see our Screen Printing Inks Comparison Chart.

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4 star rating
I use these for block printing. Great consistency opacity and open time. They do leave a more noticeable hand and have a slight tackiness when dry. Consider your end use when deciding between this product and Jacquard Textile Colors.
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5 star rating
I am BEYOND happy with this product! The opaque white is the only white I have found that prints beautifully on black t-shirts and holds up well in the wash (plus it is super soft!). The consistancy is thick which is fine with me! Thanks Dharma for adding such a wonderful product!
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4 star rating
Love this stuff! I used speedball for years and now I much prefer this over speedball ink. I find this ink is pretty soft after being washed which is nice. It does have a slight tackiness even when dry but that goes away with washing. Prints MUCH better on paper than speedball which I've found to be too thin.
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5 star rating
30 years ago I owned a small screen printing business. Printing T- Shirts was our mainstay.We tried water based inks in the beginning but soon realized they were a big pain with unsatisfactory results. We switched to plastisol with much better results. I almost didn't try these inks because of that experience. OMG what a difference 30 years has made. I printed a couple dozen Dark colored 100% cotton and 5050 T's using the opaque white through a 109 mesh with 50 duro squeege with 2 passes.Eye popping white on Black and red. No dye migration caused by a hot dryer and no flash cure. Passe the heat
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5 star rating
Excellent --good fabric coverage and pretty durable for a water-based fabric ink
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