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Angelus Dry Cleaner & Spot Remover

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Product Description

Angelus Dry Cleaner & Spot Remover is a professional grade spot remover for leather, wool, vinyl, clothing, etc. Ideal for preparing a leather surface for redying and finishing. Angelus Dry Cleaner & Spot Remover is very good for removing dirt and grease from carpets, sofas, etc. One of our employees discovered it even gets duct tape residue off of carpet! Powerful stuff! Use with care on synthetics. With all cleaners, test on a small unseen area before regular use. We recommend using products like this in a well ventilated area and keep out of reach of children and pets.

Due to federal fire regulations, Angelus Dry Cleaner & Spot Remover can ONLY be shipped by UPS Ground to the 48 mainland States, and only up to 1 quart (liter)(1000ml) at a time.


1 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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I work for a luxury French leather accessory company here in the US in their repairs dept. and use this cleaner on a daily basis... It's the BEST! It gets stains out of leather and also the fabric linings inside. It evaporates quickly so always close the bottles right after using!
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