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Soy Wax Inspirations

by Susan Purney Mark

 4.75 ( 4 review )
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 1 Disc - 148 Minutes
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Product Description
We LOVE Soy wax here at Dharma. This wonderful, eco-friendly and easy to use product has a miriad of suface design uses. Susan Purney Mark explores it's potential in a variety of ways in this well thought out and easy to understand DVD.
Informative and fun, SOY WAX INSPIRATIONS with SUSAN PURNEY MARK is an essential reference for every surface design artist interested in exploring soy wax -- a safe and easy way to enjoy working with resist.  Included in this 2.5 hour DVD:
- Soy Wax Dyes & Equipment / Getting Started
- Journaling and Color Charts
- Layering Wax & Dye with Value Gradations
- Using Thickened Dyes with Screen Printing
- Pattern Resist, Pole Wrapping and Clamp Resist
- Layered Stitch Resist with Wonderful Results
- Sun Printing & Discharging with a Wax Resist
- Conclusion: Inspirational Fabrics
 Susan Purney Mark is an Author, Instructor, and Textile Artist living and working in British Columbia, Canada.  

4 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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Excellent introduction to using wax resist tools fabric and dyes. Susan Purney Mark illustrates several techniques and shares tips from her own experiences using soy wax. Video is easy to follow with chapters separated and marked for easy navigation. Close ups and split screens happened just as I was thinking I'd like to see more detail. I liked that she gave an emphasis to safety in using chemicals and heating appliances. While she described the benefits of soy wax early on it took a few chapters to get a comparison of how soy and "regular" wax could be used. It's all there just not quite where I expected. I'm sure I'll re-watch sections of this video when I need to be re-inspired to try new techniques and when I'm looking for the courage to try something new in my work. Nicely done!
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Great DVD and looking forward to experimenting with the techniques displayed in the DVD.
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I am always pleased with the way Dharma handles the orders. Dharma reps are extremely pleasant and helpful in answering any queries one might have for any product. I love to deal with Dharma. Have watched the DVD but not used the soy wax flakes or the ink jet transfer paper as yet.
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There are some great ideas presented and some that didn't make the cut for discussion but were hanging on the walls. I'd actually love a series of videos that allowed advanced discussion of each technique (including the ones on the walls....). Also it would be great if teachers could vary their demonstrations with different designs rather than repeating the designs they most like (e.g. circles). It would be good for them as well as the viewer. If they make "mistakes" during the design we get to see how they work with it which is very instructive.
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