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Fabricadabra DVD

by Sandra McCall

 5.00 ( 1 review )
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Product Description

Sandra McCall, author of 2 books on stamp art, inspires artists and crafters in whole new ways with her fabulous new DVD about transforming even basic cotton muslin fabric with paint and stamps into amazing works of art! Dharma’s white rayon/silk velvet scarves become exquisite works of wearable art with Fiber Reactive Dye, rubber stamps, fabric markers and beads. Sandra demonstrates how to emboss the velvet with rubber stamps and how to string delicate bead fringe to the ends of the scarf for a very artful touch. Her artistry shines when she transforms black Dharma clothing blanks (#BR32B & BR16B) into an elegant ensemble. Her techniques work equally well on dyed Dharma blanks.

Sandra also shows how to create elegant fabric beads, jewelry, purses and books with inexpensive cotton muslin, paint (Lumiere and Neopaque, among others) and a few rubber stamps. For the jewelry segment, she even teaches a great lesson on how to use a soldering iron!

With over 100 minutes of projects, tips, and ideas, this fun new DVD is packed with information and inspiration to last you a good long while. Happy creating!

125 Mins. Dual-Layer Format


1 Reviews
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Clear and thorough instruction. Most of the suppliers of this DVD listed on the publisher's web site are extinct delighted to find you still exist and had it available.
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