Aluminum Sulfate

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Alum 1 lb. bags and 5 lb. bags are currently 10% off! Mordants help ya get'ya dye on, Naturally! ~Sale ends April 30th~

Used as a mordant in natural dyeing and for preparing fabrics for marbling. Available in 1, 5, and 25 lb. sizes.

For natural dyers who prefer, we also now carry Potassium Aluminum Sulfate as well as Aluminum Acetate.

Use 1.75 tsp per lb. of fiber for natural dye baths. For marbling see tutorial instructions.

50 pound bags are available for sale as a warehouse pick up only. Call (800)542-5227 for details.



Alum Instructions


Alum is used in the fabric marbling process as a pre-mordant to make marbling paints "stick", and is also used as one of the safer chemicals to pre-mordant fabric in preparation for natural dyeing.


Dissolve 2 teaspoons alum into 1 gallon of water to make a solution for fabric to be marbled. Dissolve 2 teaspoons alum in 1 quart of water to make a solution for paper to be marbled.


Also used in natural dyeing.


ALERT: Be careful not to leave on the fabric too long or get hot as that combination can really damage the fabric.

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This product is Aluminum Sulfate (AS) wo Potassium. Most dye books including Wild Color as referred by a rep. at Dharma recommends Aluminum Potassium Sulfate (APS) also known as alum. While it's OK to use AS it is recommended that smaller amounts be used. Also colors may appear dull compared to those used with APS. To learn more go to www.earthues.comaboutmordants.html
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fast shipping- love the big bag options though i wish the manufacturer would package it in a resealable bag- thanks!
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Perfect! I appreciate the lack of lumps and jagged bits in the powder I get. Price is good & shipping quick!
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this is not grocery store alum but it works tor mordanting
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Use a couple of cups of boiling water to dissolve the alum then add cold water to complete the measure. I use it to prep fabrics for water marbling and this alum works great every time.
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