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Print Base Kit

For cotton and silk.

 4.60 ( 5 review )
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  Print Base Kit - Makes 1 Quart
  Print Base Kit - Makes 1 Gallon
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Product Description

Use this with Procion type Fiber Reactive powder dyes or Vinyl Sulphone liquid Fiber Reactive dyes to thicken them for printing, stenciling, or painting.. Contains premeasured amounts of Water Softner, Urea, Ludigol and Sodium Alginate Thickener. Comes in two sizes with directions on the jar. The Alginate Thickener comes in a separate packet as some like it thinner and some like it thicker. Once mixed, the basic Print Base (without the Alginate) can be kept indefinitely at room temperature. After adding the Alginate thickener, it must be refrigerated and can last a month or more if it doesn't get contaminated with mold or bacteria. (Clearly label it so your loved ones won't decide it's a soup base!)

If you want to make less than a quart or gallon with these pre-measured kits, simply measure the loose powder and take half or a quarter and use half or a quarter as much water, then thicken "to taste" like you normally would. Always add the thickener to the liquid while stirring briskly to avoid lumps, and remember that it will continue to thicken for a couple of hours. Add your dye to the thickened Print Base the same way, adding the dye gradually while stirring.


Measurements coming soon!
5 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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It would be really great with more alginate. I love that everything is already in there for you but it just wasnt thick enough to get a good screen print. I had to add more alginate to it.
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Sure makes it quick and easy to prepare a little bit of dye-based "painting" liquid.
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5 - But it would save me time and possible calculator mistakes if you gave simple amounts for half or quarter recipies as I do stencil work and woven shibori and never use a whole container as sold. You've surely got space on the jar!
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Very convenient good quality print paste. Just wish it was available without the jars...I use it often and really don't need more plastic gallon jars!
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This product works great.
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