Cotton Yarmulke

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Want to have a little fun in the office? Try this; have everyone try and spell the name of this item without access to the internet or a dictionary. Eh? Good times all around, wasn't it?!

Ok, maybe that isn't fun to you, but don't rain on my parade! The point is, it doesn't sound like it's written. It sounds like yama-kah not yar-mool-ke. And no, no I don't know why I'm pointing that out. It's just that, well, what else am I going to say about cotton yarmulkes - except that our customers have been asking for them for years. It's a little, white, 100% cotton, lined (also with cotton) hat for Jewish services. Dye them, tie-dye them, paint, stamp, make them unique for that special event!

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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I wish the liner was attached better like tacked along the seam lines. It really loses its shape after it is tie dyed.
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I too had problems with the lining. Either the lining is too large to begin with or it doesn't shrink as much as the shell in the dye process.
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they dye beautifully and there size is perfect. I wonder if we can get them for children's heads?? They would be a great seller her in Florida!!
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My customer was very disappointed with this product. After the tie-dying process it seemed that the outer fabric had shrunk. The inner lining fabric became bigger then the fabric on the outside. This caused the yarmulkes to be difficult to iron and difficult to wear. My customer also would have liked it if the yarmulkes came in 2 sizes (Adult and Small). She ordered one size fits all for a mixed group and the yarmulkes did not fit the kids.
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I dyed mine to look like tomatoes
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