Gorilla Market Bag

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Both big and strong, like it's namesake, this makes a great re-useable shopping bag. It holds as many groceries, or whatever, as the large shopping bags. It is strong enough for your gallons of milk and whatnot too. Just say NO to paper and plastic!

The reinforced straps go all the way to the bottom of the bag. Some shop-aholics have complained that our shopping shaped bags weren't big enough, so here you go! Paint 'em, dye 'em, embellish them, make them unique. You might just influence those around you to get rid of that "paper or plastic" choice for one that is much more environmentally friendly. They might think yours are so cool that they want you to make them some!

Built to last out of 100% natural colored cotton canvas. (Keep in mind that even though very strong, canvas is a looser weave of fabric, so can fray easily, therefore all canvas products should be washed delicately.)

Measurements (measured from seam to seam):

Before Washing:


21 3/4" x 11/4"

After Washing:


151/2" (2.5" diff.)
14" (.5" inch diff.)
71/2" (no diff.)
20" x 1" (1.75" diff.)

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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I didn't care so much about dyeing or painting these - I just wanted something to do the job. I was never motivated to buy my own shopping bags before but I have been feeling guilty for awhile. Well our local market was having a "truckload sale" this past weekend and we took our Gorilla bags for their trial run. It is a store where you pack your own bags and my husband had one of them so heavy with the milk and everything that I couldn't even lift it. These bags were up to the test! I love them! I am going to get them as presents for family to get them off the fence to the green side. (Maybe then I will dye them
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The bag indeed has a very large capacity and I also like the fact that after washing it is soft and easy to fold.However they mean it when they say canvas products should be washed delicately. I got two bags
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These are excellent bags. I'm having to buy more because my girlfriend hijacked the 4 I bought to save paper at the grocery store. They are now used for felting supplies laundry trips and who knows what else. I'm gonna buy more of these get me some groceries and save me some trees this time!
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This bags are true work horses. We have had ours for two years. My kids tie-dyed them and we use them for everything. Swim bags over night bags groceries libraries even when we shop for clothing. They can handle a huge amount of weight. We constantly get compliments on them and refer everyone to Dharma.
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We are organic farmers. We have a farm-stand and are also a CSA farm with many members. We had our farm logo put onto the sides of the bags.Each CSA member was given one of these bags at the start of the season to transport their weekly produce from the farm to their homes. We also sold these bags in the farm-stand and have none left. Our customers absolutely loved these bags and we had no complaints of seams ripping. We will be reordering soon for this year's season.
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