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Silk Fans

 3.92 ( 27 review )
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Product Description

Made in China of silk and bamboo. The silk is ready to be painted, stamped, or colored using any kind of paints, silk paints (not dye) with resists, inks, markers, or pens. Note: immersion or other dyeing is not recommended as the fans don't hold up well when soaked in liquid or washed. Use your imagination and create wonderful useful art!

8¼" Closed Length
15" Open Width

Made in: CHINA (CN)
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accessories > Folding Fans

Measurements coming soon!
27 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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While it's not dyeable by immersion (I wish they were) paint and marker both take on these -- I was amazed to see how little the Fabricmate markers ran. They hold up fairly well to abuse also
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A quick dip in alum let dry marble (the bamboo picks up the paint as well!) let dry press and carefully fold and press again. It took some extra time to heat set but they turned out beautifully! I am ordering more because all my friends want them to match their outfits too. Women of a certain age find these very attractive!
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Translucent and treated for stiffness to smoothly open
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So much fun to paint. They are a little fussy when it comes to getting wet. Works great with neopaque and Lumiere paint by Jaquard.
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I used setasilk paints on the fan and it doesn't shut well. The paints also ran down the bamboo struts despite using gutta and did not flow well on the silk. Will use with another medium next time.
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Much nicer than cotton style. Haven't painted yet
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Thought fan would be a more sturdier to add color.
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I sprayed my fan with starch (laundry sizing in a can) and then used colored sharpie pens to paint branches with blossoms (cherry? plum? who knows!) and it turned out great with no bleeding. The fan needed help folding the first couple of times but now opens and closes beautifully.
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Good fans.
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Very nice.
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Beautiful fans! Thin silk and delicate looking slats are sturdier than they appear -- held up to several days of play before we dyed them.Only glitches were my fault for not reading suggestions in these reviews. Microwave method with dye wasn't the best choice for these although the spatter-dyed designs were wonderful .A few slats has to be re-glued and one fan dried out while microwaving and caught fire! (just a little scorching on the bamboo and one small hole now that fan has a "back story" re. a Chinese princess & a fiery dragon). Since they close only with difficulty the girls decided to display them open on a bookshelf and they still love them. Will order again and use a different method of paintingcoloring. It does seem like these could be made with a moisture-resistant adhesive which would counter most of the complaints in the reviews. That's my only reason for not giving these fans 5 stars. Please check into this with your sources!
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Just what I had been looking for. Great place to do business.
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