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• A complete guide to help you find the right paint for your project.

Choosing Your Paint - Unlike dyes which should be matched with the specific type of fiber being dyed, most fabric paints can be used on any fabric regardless of fiber content, as long as there is no water or stain repellent finish. The type of paint you choose should be based on 4 main factors:

1) The fabric type/use - Weave, texture, thickness, stretchiness etc., are all very important because certain paints are better suited to certain fabric weaves than others. What is the purpose of the fabric? Is it a garment or upholstery or perhaps something that will hang on a wall?

2) How you intend to apply your paint - What's your preference? Watercolor? Block print? Stamp/Stencil or Screen Print? Airbrushing?

3) The colors available in a particular brand of paint - Do they make the color(s) you want and/or are you willing to mix colors if necessary?

4) Cost/Quantity - Is your project large or small? Do you need a lot of paint? Some of our paints are available in sizes up to a gallon, ideal for large projects like painting your couch. Some paints are only available in 1oz bottles.

Dharma carries many paints in consistencies ranging from very thin free flowing paints that behave much like dyes, to thick almost custard like inks that are ideal for screen printing or stamping. Most of our paints are water-based and completely non-toxic unless otherwise noted.

Cotton, Rayon, Hemp (Cellulose)

• Dyeing or painting on Cotton, Rayon, Hemp, Linen, Bamboo, & other cellulose fibers

Silk, Wool, Nylon (Protein)

• Dyeing or painting on Silk, Wool, Nylon, & other protein fibers

Polyester, Spandex (Synthetics)

• Painting synthetic fabrics

Leather, Wood, Gourd (Misc.)

• Similar to synthetic materials as far as what to use but these materials are natural

Glass, Plastic, Metal (Non-Porous)

• Painting non-porous synthetic materials

Chairs, Couches, Etc. (Furniture)

• Some information you need to know before attempting to improve your furniture

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