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Marbling Class Kit

 4.50 ( 4 review )
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  Marbling Class Kit
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Product Description

The technique of marbling involves creating a multi-colored pattern of paint that floats on the surface of a gel-like medium. Fabric or paper is then laid on the surface to pick up the floating paint and transfer the design. Jacquard Products has created a Class Pack that allows students to experience this exciting craft. This kit allows students to create elegant patterns on fabric or paper. 

The kit comes with: 

  • 8 (2 oz.) bottles of Jacquard Marbling Colors
  • 1 lb. of alum (for pre-treating the paper or fabric)
  • 8 oz. of methocel (quick-wetting marbling medium)
  • cotton fabric (2 yds. of 61" cotton sheeting)
  • 10 droppers for applying paint
  • easy-to-follow instructions. 

The 8 colors are Golden Yellow, Magenta, Red, Violet, Ultra Blue, Turquoise, Black and Green.

You will need to supply: 

  • Newspaper strips, shallow pans/trays, a pail and water.
  • Depending on the number of students, you may also want more fabric/paper and eyedroppers.


Recommended for up to 30 individuals, ages 8+


4 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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This was so much fun. I used this marbling kit for my son's 4th grade class of 28. The kit provided more than enough of the chemicals and paints. I supplemented the fabric because I wanted to have every student do 3 squares about 12x12 and wanted them to do some silk as well. We will be putting one square per student together for a class quilt to raffle off at the end of the year for a fund raiser for PTA. I was amazed at how well the pieces turned out. I do however want to add to mix the Methocellulous higher than recommended.The size wasn't thick enough to float the paints and finding that out at the last minute was not fun. The prep work is worth taking extra time doing since the fabric takes time to dry with the alum in it. My house looked interesting with all of the squares hanging to dry on rods in every room. Fantastic colors - such a fun project! I also added eye droppers. The ones in the kit were plastic and the regular ones that Dharma sells are nice glass ones and easier to clean. I used aluminium turkey pans from the dollar store and found these really great plastic cups to put the paint in for each kid. I also made some combs for moving the paint into designs by sticking wooden toothpicks into foam blocks. The rest of the lesson was on trying to make sure the students understood that the design was on the surface. When the paint sinks it does not color the fabric so mixing it vigorously was not a good thing.
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worked well with a group of adult students...I am unsure how well the supplied droppers would work with children
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spreads to far may be me still learning so 3 may be unfair rating.
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The kit had everything listed but I haven't used any of the items yet. I absolutely love Dharma Trading their service products and philosophy.
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