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Felting Fabrics 

Here you will find our best and most popular silk and cotton fabrics for Nuno felt backing - strong, yet light, airy and loosely woven enough to make a fine felting substrate, and lovely when dyed and left partially showing. Also available is 100% virgin wool felt, ready for dyeing and needle felting.

There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...

Stock # Fabric Type Cut
Full Bolts
(per yard)
#BHC 3.64 3.33 3.09
#BORG45 5.15 4.85 4.55
#CHIF 5.09 4.79 4.45
#CHIF10 7.45 6.99 6.55
#ORG45 4.99 4.65 4.33
#ORG55 6.19 5.79 5.39
#SG36_45 2.32 0.00 2.32
#VWF 18.25 16.75

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