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Charmeuse Fabrics 
We have several types of Silk Charmeuse. Otherwise known as Crepe Back Silk Satin, Charmeuse has softly muted crepe on one side and the classic shiny shimmery Satin on the other. Stretch Silk Charmeuse has the same sheen and softness but with a 5% addition of spandex to make it a little stretchy and even more comfortable for clothing. Sand washed Charmeuse has had the shiny side abraded to tone down the sheen and make it more subtle, which makes it even more buttery soft than satin. Mmmm! Available in several weights, white and black, they all have the same supple hand, luxurious heavy drape, and they dye beautifully. The ultimate in fine silk!
Remember, bolts vary! They can be over or under - we charge you for the actual yardage. If you need very specific yardage, order cut yardage.
There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...
Stock # Fabric Type Cut
Full Bolts
(per yard)
#BCBSS45 13.73 12.79 11.99
#CBSS45 12.49 11.55 10.73
#CBSS55 14.89 13.79 12.99
#HSCH 22.42 20.55 18.97
#SS45 9.25 8.65 7.99
#STCHARM 15.39 14.15 13.15
#SWSC 22.18 20.48 19.01

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