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Make Your Own Banner

by Judi



1. Remove dowel from banner by unscrewing tip on one side of dowel and slide out of sleeve on banner.

2. Iron banner fabric to make it smooth and place it on a plastic sheet.

3. Lay branches on a plastic sheet and using the Maribu Fabric paint diluted (with water) to half thick consistency, dip foam brush into paint and carefully paint it onto the branches. Now is a good time to do some practice leaf prints on a test piece.

4. Working quickly so paint doesn't dry, lift the branch and place it face side down onto the banner. Cover the branch with a small plastic sheet and using a cloth smoothly rub it over the entire branch pressing it firmly onto the banner. Carefully lift branch and repeat until all the branches have been placed and printed. Let dry thoroughly.

5. Carve pine cone using Speedy Stamping Kit. Draw on stamp with pencil, then carve out design. (Complete instructions of this step can be found here)

6. Using the Lumiere paint and a foam brush, lightly cover the carved stamp with paint and place it onto the banner next to a branch. Repeat for other pine cone placements.

7. Using all the fabric paints and smaller pointed brushes fill in areas that need further details like the needles on the branches.

8. Using the Maribu Paint in red and a flat edged brush, paint your lettering.

9. Using the Maribu Paint in red and a small round brush lightly dot the end of the brush onto the banner in random places for berries.

10. Let thoroughly dry and iron to heat set. Reattach dowel.

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