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Scrunch Painted Silk Gift Bags

by Judi

1. Remove the ties from inside the bags and soak both ties and bags in a container of water to thoroughly wet them.
2. Squeeze out excess moisture by hand and scrunch them on a plastic covered table top.
3. In small plastic cups, pour out an amount of paint diluted 2 parts water to 1 part paint. Mix up enough to complete project without having to mix more paint.
4. With the foam brushes dab on colors in sections if using several colors or just all over if using one color.
5. Without disturbing the layout of the scrunched painted bag and leaving scrunched, place into the sun. You can let dry inside if the sun isn't shining. Allow to thoroughly dry. If necessary, turn over while still scrunched and paint on reverse side.
6. Iron to heatset and insert your treasures or gifts.

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