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DIY Instagram Ipad Cover

Boo and I made this iPad cover highlighting some of our favorite Instagram photos from the last year.  Wouldn’t this make a great holiday gift for family members? You can have custom iPad covers made for around $55 online but this one cost me around $20 to make.

Let's Get Started!

I used this blank “transfer ready” iPad case:

And printed out photos onto the transfer paper:

(Note: I use the Super Soft Transfer paper from Dharma Trading because the polymers sink into the fabric unlike most “plastic-y” transfers.)

To print the Instagram photos out, I first opened up my photos on the desktop using Statigram. (Just drag them to the desktop)  Then I used Powerpoint to resize them and arrange them. If you group all of the photos you can then double click to see what dimensions the photo collage is:

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