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Dyeing Leather

For the best results:

Step 1:
Deglaze the leather with Angelus Leather Preparer/Deglazer. This will remove most/all of the finish. Use a pad saturated with the preparer.Rub in a circular motion to remove finish. Allow the leather to dry completely. If the leather has cracks or scuff marks, sand with fine sandpaper. Seal cracks/scuff with neutral dye if necessary to avoid over penetration of the dye.

Step 2:
Apply a liberal coat of Angelus Leather Dye with a wool dauber. The color should be close to the final shade you want. Rub the dye well into the leather. Let it dry. Then rub the leather surface with a soft clean cloth. This will remove any excess dye that accumulates on some leathers, and will also remove any lint that may have come off of the dauber.

Step 3:
If a top coat is desired, apply a light coat of Angelus Acrylic Finisher (shiny) or Angelus Satin Acrylic Finisher (mat finish). Apply 1-2 coats. Allow the leather to dry between coats.

Step 4:
After the finishes are set, condition the leather with Angelus Leather Conditioner or Angelus Leather Balm. Conditioning will provide better wear and scuff resistance.

More tips for dyeing leather:

• Take time to prepare the leather well.

• Shake or stir all products well before use.

• Allow dyed and refinished articles to dry overnight before wearing.

• Never apply finish over a waxed or siliconed leather.

• Do not attempt to dye dark leathers very light.

• Sand all scuffs and cracks with fine sandpaper.

• Prime all sanded scuffs/cracks with a sealer.

• Always apply light coats.

• Do not attempt to cover in one application. Two light coats are better than one heavy one.

• Do not use Acetone or Lacquer Thinner to thin dye products. They may not be compatible with the dye.

• Wear gloves and use only in a well ventilated area.



• Dyes are meant to permanently dye articles, so take care not to splash or spill.

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