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To say that there is some Giants fever going on here at Dharma Trading Co. is a major understatement. We had some fun with this blank doll, some fabric paints and markers. Check it out—even guys love dolls!

To Make Your Own Doll:

Use the foam brush or any other large brush to brush the Orange Dye-Na-Flow lightly onto the doll. Add 3% fixative to the paint before painting if your doll is going to be out in the rain (or need washing).

Let dry.

Use black Sharpie to draw beard and any other design.

Add a heap of Giants fever, a World Series Pennant and a load of yelling fans. Done!

Shopping List:

Blank Doll

Dye-Na-Flow Paint We used #803 Bright Orange

Black Sharpie

Foam brush

No Heat Fixative

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