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Tie Dyed Guitar Switchplate

Submitted by Joe T.

Thank you for being.

Here's a good luck story. I came up with the idea to make light switchplates in the shape of my handmade guitars out of real pretty woods. Immediately, I started getting requests for pink ones from little girls walking around with their daddies at local craft fairs. Go figure.

Here's the luck. I mentioned that fact to my girlfriend as she was doin up some shirts while I was sanding some switchplates out in the driveway one incredible afternoon this last Springtime. Lady Tie Di was about to dump out some Fuchsia Red #13 which she deemed too old to use on fabric. So, I ripped off my shirt and dove headlong over the workbench that stood between me and the planter where she was about to pour out the pinkish liquid (edit liberally). I lunged for the ersatz catsup bottle as she manipulated the....

Long story short: That old #13 did a great job of coloring the wood while letting the grain show through. Best of both worlds. Anyway, she's out of my life, but, thanks to her, I learned that old, mixed Fiber Reactive Dyes do a great job on wood. Especially plain, bland maple, which is almost white to begin with. As with my music, I'm learning that less is more. Q-tips and needle points. Ah, Shoot! She just emailed. I gotta go.

Dharma's Rocks!

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