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Jacquard Airbrush Mini Starter Sets

USE FOR: Airbrushing, Tie-dye

USE ON: All Natural and most Synthetic Fabrics, Leather, Wood, Paper, Plastic, and Metal

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Product Description

Recently Jacquard has released some handy-dandy sets for their fabulous airbrush inks! Each set contains nine 1/2 fluid ounce bottles. Now, Jacquard has specifically designed these inks for airbrush applications, but we've tried them and found they work great for faux-tie dye too!

• Ready to Airbrush right out of the bottle
• Available in vibrant Transparent, Opaque and Metallic colors
• Works on fabric, leather, wood, plastic, and metal
• Water based and intermixable
• Non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236
• Heat set with a heat-gun or dry iron for permanency

Each set comes with one bottle of Clear Varnish and eight colors.
Opaque set: (200 Opaque Yellow, 201 Opaque Red, 202 Opaque Blue, 203 Opaque Green, 204 Opaque Violet, 205 Opaque Brown, 206 Opaque Black, 207 Opaque White)

Metallic set: (300 Metallic Yellow, 301 Metallic Red, 302 Metallic Blue, 303 True Gold, 304 Solar Gold, 305 Silver, 306 Copper, 307 Metallic White)

Transparent set: (100 Transparent Yellow, 101 Transparent Red, 102 Transparent Blue, 103 Transparent Green, 104 Transparent Violet, 105 Transparent Brown, 106 Transparent Black, 107 Transparent White)


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