Dye-Na-Flow Class Kit

A starter kit for fabric painting with groups!

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Dye-Na-Flow Class Kit
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Love all the colors and can't decide? Get 'em all! This Class Kit has every color they make and all the supplies you'll need to do literally hundreds of silk or fabric painting projects. Dye-Na-Flow is a concentrated free-flowing non-toxic paint that simulates dye and can be used for silk painting or fabric painting classes, group projects, fund raisers, etc. Silk or cotton scarves, bandanas, handkerchiefs, etc. sold separately. 



  • 30 2.25 bottles of Dye-Na-Flow SilkPaint (that's EVERY COLOR)
  • 6 resist applicator bottles
  • 6 size #7 applicator tips
  • 24 5/8" bamboo sumi brushes
  • 10 oz. Silk Salt
  • 8 oz. water-based resist

Update : November 2015 kit no longer includes eye droppers. We suggest substituting our nifty Pipettes!

**there is a California Cancer warning label somewhere in the package because the resist applicator tips are brass with nickel plating, so please don't eat them or let your kids or pets eat them. There is no risk from handling them in the way they are intended, and you will probably handle them less than your pennies. Copper is on the California Carcinogen list too.


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I purchased this kit to work with 2nd graders in creating a one of a kind quilt that will go up for auction at our school. Although we have not yet completed our project we have finished the first phase which was to paint the fabric.The results are phenomenal. 22 children worked with almost all of the colors in the kit. We used disposable pipettes water and Dharma's quilting cotton. Each child painted a portion of the fabric that will later be cut into the shape of leaves to be appliqued onto a huge tree and turned into a quilt. Each piece of work created by the children is unique colorful and colorfast. The pieces of fabric that the children painted are truly amazing. We sprinkled the crystalized salt on the fabric after painting and let them air dry completely before heat setting-the effect is fabulous giving the painted fabric a professional artistic look.The process was simple and effortless with a little pre-planning.I highly recommend the Dyn-a-flow paint products. I'm already thinking of other ways I use this kit with the children or in other quilting projects of my own. 5 stars all around. Thank you to Dharma Trading for recommending this kit.
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Absolutely the best silk painting deal out there! I'm on my 2nd set and it seems to last forever!
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I bought this kit to do a workshop with beginners. The kit is an amazing value! Wonderful product.
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Wow! What an incredible deal! I added up what it would've cost to buy each item seperately and I couldn't believe the savings!!!! Thanks for being my favorite store for the past 23 years!!!!
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I wanted to try silk painting and this kit was a great deal and it had everything. I have since ordered more things but the kit is what I needed to start and my passion has grown after getting this item.
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