Silk Painting Starter Kit

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Have a friend who might like to try out painting on silk? We put together a kit for the beginner to make it easy to get started painting on silk. After practicing, you can create your own 8"x54" silk scarf as a "keeper".

Kit Contains:
1- Silk Hankie 11"x11"
2- Habotai Silk Scarves 8"x54"
3- Dye-na-Flow 2.25 oz. silk paints (801, 806, 814)
14- Rust Resistant Pushpins
1- Sumi Brush #1
1- Sumi Brush #2
1- Foam Brush 1"
1- Jacquard Clear Water-based Resist
1- Gutta Applicator Bottle/metal tip #7
1- Silk Salt 2 oz.
1- Catalog
1- Instructions

Note: You will also need some safety pins and rubber bands.

**there is a California Cancer warning label on the package with the resist applicator because the applicator tips are brass with nickel plating, so please don't eat them or let your kids or pets eat them. There is no risk from handling them in the way they are intended, and you will probably handle them less than your pennies. Copper is on the California Carcinogen list too.


Measurements coming soon! 
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This kit really makes it easy to start silk painting. All you need to get is a frame and some safety pins and the instructions guide you the whole way. The only part of this kit that I was disappointed with at all were the brushes they weren't the best quality and the tips kept falling out of the handles.
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I loved the silk kit and made nice scarf. However the brushes were not great quality. The hairs came right out as soon as I got it wet. This also happened to another student who ordered from Dharma.
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Great kit for the advanced candidate. Although I would strongly suggest adding a smaller size stylusas this particular 'gutta' has an extremely fluid consistencyand does not allow for any kind of controlas with the Sennelier brand.
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left the hand of the silk awfully stiff.
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did not know I had to have a special frame to get started it will be a while for me to use this when I get frame....bummed
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