Setacolor Expandable "Puff" Medium

USE FOR: Add to Setacolor or other fabric paints to "puff" them out with heat - makes regular fabric paints dimensional

USE ON: All fabrics that can be painted

Setacolor Expandable "Puff" Medium
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Gives you a puffy, raised effect with Setacolor Soleil fabric paints. Apply to fabric, paper etc. Let dry, then color with Setacolor. For pastel shades, you can mix the Setacolor into the Expandable Medium and then apply to fabric. After 30 minutes of drying time, expand by ironing on the reverse side or by using a hair dryer or Heat Gun. Resistant to washing after fixing.

New size of 1.5 oz (45ml)

Made in: FRANCE (FR)


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4 star rating
I tried this "puffy" material for the first time on black silk in order to get more texture on a wall hanging. Great experience although I learned a lot from my first: it needs to be applied fairly thick and evenly in order to get an excellent result. I'll apply it next time with an applicator bottle with metal tip (like the ones for resists). I found it a little bit difficult to apply with a paintbrush as it doesn't really flow. Great experience and result!
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4 star rating
I applied this product straight out of a squeezy bottle. If you use a steamy iron you will get a half-hearted puff out of it. If you use a heat gun WOW does it explode off of your fabric! It almost looks like a bubbly scab. Unfortunately I paint mostly on synthetics so bringing a heat gun to my fabric ruins it. I can't wait to find a use for this stuff however because it looks kinda like alligator skin.
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3 star rating
Not as good as some I've tried.
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