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Cotton Bandanas - 12 pack

22" x 22" - 100% cotton!

 4.63 ( 123 review )
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22 x 22 - 12 pack
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Product Description

You would not believe how hard it is to find dyeable 100% cotton bandanas sewn with cotton thread. No one makes them. So we're having them made for us overseas. Hemmed edges on all 4 sides but not always perfectly square, as these are very inexpensive. Measurements can vary, before shrinkage, from 21 - 23" wide or long. Great for impulse items at your booth, inexpensive classroom or kids projects, you name it! Great activity for kids birthday parties too! Sewn with cotton thread. Ready to dye, batik, marble, print, paint, whatever!

Sold in packs of 12 bandanas.

Prices are per pack of 12 bandanas.

Each pack of 12 is counted as 1 item for  quantity discounts.

Made in: CHINA (CN)
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accessories > Bandanas & Headties

123 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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Not evenly cut & finished so if exacting sizes are important you may not want these. I didn't notice any speed in coloring by pre-washing compared to not doing so so that's good. A nice soft feel to the fabric. just not pleased with the attention to cutting. If I wanted lopsided I'd buy a bigger bolt of it & cut it myself.
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Tiny seams don't interfere with embellishing process they take procion dyes great. Very popular seller for me (tye-dyed) and can dye 2-3 at a time.
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Nothing special but reasonable quality. These soak up dye rather nicely one doesn't need much die as the fabric is much thinner than a t-shirt. Handy for trying out new techniques.
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The bandanas are fantastic. They are just the right "thin-ness" to fold easily and still dye true. Great sellers!
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One of the bandannas came out of the package with a small brown spot in the center or I would have rated them a 5. I used them to experiment with different folding techniques for shibori dyeing with indigo. They worked perfectly and my dogs have cool new neck kerchiefs.
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The bandanas are nice I've dyed them with gelli plate designs and am quite happy with them. I wish they were an inch larger as I use them tied around my neck as a camping scarf and another inch would be perfect!!
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These dyed beautifully they would also make great dinner napkins
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I like to keep these around the studio for trying out new techniques and colors. The fabric is a decent weight and they dye nicely. Personally I'm not bothered that they're not always square.
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I have only had a great experience using these. They are a very inexpensive and they last a long time.
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They fold & dye great!
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These are good quality bandanas that my customers like and I feel confident that I am giving them a good product. The fabric is a nice substantial weight. The bandanas are not quite square but are generally the same size (20.5"-21.5" x 22" after shrinking.) They do pill a tiny bit but it is barely noticeable. The edges are finished nicely. I used to buy bandanas from a certain notorious craft store but they have since raised their prices and their product was inferior to these bandanas. A small suggestion- I do wish the stitching was a little smallerhigher quality and I do wish Dharma offered organic cotton with cotton thread bandanas.
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I have used these bandanas many times for dyeing with natural and synthetic dyes. They work well but some of the edges are not perfect......who is? Great value.
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I ordered a dozen and so far really like them. Out of the package they looked crooked and misshapen. Though I wasnt sure how happy I was going to be I readied them for dyeing anyway by washing in very hot water with a little synthrapol added in then I rinsed them in warm water. Next I did some old fashioned sprinkling. Basically you sprinkle water on one place the next one on top sprinkle water on that one set another on top and repeat till you have them all stacked up then you roll them into a tube and stick them in a towel for 20 -30 minutes or stick them in a plastic bag if you dont plan to get to them until the next day. Next I ironed them all with an old fashioned vintage travel iron that gets steaming hot like Im pretty sure these are the irons they issue folks in hell. Except the runaway Amish who go to hell theyre probably issued modern steam irons. Anyhow with a very hot very dangerous iron I ironed them all they came out fantastic. No crookedness unhemmed areas like other reviewers have mentioned however there was one issue. Instead of square they are all rectangular. You cant fold them point to point because they are about an inch and a half too long to do that. However since they are all perfect rectangles the same rather than assorted sizes all identical alike and because I like them so much I decided to just roll with these. Its not such a big difference that my recipients cant still wear them as bandanas if they wish but because they are rectangular they could also use them for other things. I will update this review after I dye them but for right now Im very happy with this purchase.
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