Flour Sack Towels Pack of 12

Flour Sack Towels Pack of 12
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120 Thread Count Flour Sack Towels with 3 wonderful sizes to choose from. Supposedly hemmed all the way around with cotton thread, however it seems they are more often than not sewn with non-dyeable thread. The sizing is also fairly approximate, and they aren't always square. But they are absorbent and great for all kinds of household, shop or garage type uses. Since good flour sack towels are hard to find, these make much appreciated gifts. Dye 'em, paint 'em, stamp 'em, batik 'em, embroider 'em, eat 'em, sneeze in ' em, whatever! Please note: Do not eat these towels.

If you are looking for a more consistently square, neat towel, please see our Tea towels here.

Made in: INDIA (IN)

The sizes of the individual towels vary quite a bit, and they are not always square!!

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5 star rating
i have been ordering and using these towels for my business for about 5 years now. when i first began purchasing them i was impressed with their reliably high quality. the fabric is absorbent and thick and the pieces were sewn beautifully. this past year the quality of shipments i've received has gone down. each order has been a mixed bag. some pieces in a shipment have been the good quality i came to expect while other pieces in the same order were stretchy see-through fabric sewn crookedly or with yellow thread. i couldn't use the lower quality pieces since i market my products as durable and attractive. complicating factors in the return policy are the requirement to return 12 pieces at a time and having to pay the return shipping for a low-quality item. i do still buy this product from time to time but only if i have the time and extra cash to gamble. i should stress that when i get a good shipment they are beautiful. i should also note that the various customer service representatives i've spoken to over the phone in working out returns were also very courteous and helpful.
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3 star rating
These towels are a good price but...I can get over the range in size sort of. One set I got actually was split down the middle on size half the towels were very close to the size I ordered while the rest were closer to the next size down. And the towels are not square so when you fold them they are wonky. Also there are many subtle and not so subtle defects in the fabric from spots to yellowishdingy overall color. I do more silk screening and block printing than I do dye. So for me these towels are not always so friendly. I am tempted to give 2 stars to these but they are so cheap it is a difficult call. I think I would order them again but next time will return the items if they come yellowish instead of white. Honestly most of the problems I see with these towels are something I could live with in my kitchen but I am selling them and I want a little more perfection in my product line.
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1 star rating
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2 star rating
Your service is great but many of the towels had to be taken apart and re-sewn to make them squarerectangular though the martrial is good qaulity.
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5 star rating
Exactly as advertised. I like them to try out designs and new techniques and then give away to friends if they work out okay.
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