Handwoven Rayon Scarves with Twisted Fringe

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These 100% Rayon scarves are woven by hand for us in Bali, Indonesia. They are woven with true PFD rayon yarn, and are soft and cozy, that perfect medium weight for many kinds of weather. They are a beautiful natural pale cream color and have a twisted (as opposed to 'loose') fringe, so they are much easier to deal with in the dye bath or when washing. Being cream color, they look good as is, and being rayon, they also dye like a champ. What makes these scarves special is their amazing soft 'hand', texture, and wonderful drape. You can get a good look at the subtle stripy textured gender neutral pattern in the closeup above. Give them a try - you will not be disappointed!


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I used to get good quality out of these scarves. But in the last year I have anywhere from a 20% to a 50% reject factor of scarves so loosly or poorly woven as to be not useable. This is not really acceptable. I won't be ordering these again.
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A gorgeously soft scarf with a beautiful sheen and a subtle woven pattern. Dyes wonderfully with Procion Fiber Reactive dyes. I used the low immersion technique from the book Tray Dyeing and it turned out spectacular shows heavy texture and color. I cannot recommend these highly enough. Plus....the fringe stays twisted and doesn't need de-tangling after washing.
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The scarves are really great except that half my order had flaws in it..big knots or random threads. i am going to have to return these. It is a shame. The ones I did dye take the dye so well and are beautiful. But who wants a scarf with holes in it?
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These are beautifully done and dye nicely. Kind of mellow with the off white undertone.
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the softest classy for warmth. dyes incredible.
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