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Habotai Silk Veils 5mm

Also available in 8mm!

 4.83 ( 189 review )
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Stock# Product Details Quantity 1-11 12+
  5mm - 35x84
  5mm - 35x108
  5mm - 45x108
  5mm - 45x104 Semi Circle
  5mm - 45x144
  5mm - 55x108
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Product Description

A little while back we sent out a message to our customers that have purchased veils recently, asking what other sizes and styles of veil might be good for us to carry. We received a TON of responses! So, first, thank you very much to all of you who took the time to send in your ideas and suggestions, they are all very much appreciated.

Although we couldn't possibly carry through every suggestion, we have increased our selection of veils to incorporate the most frequent of your requests. That means we are now stocking veils in both this very sheer 5mm weight and a slightly heavier 8mm, there is a new size for taller dancers - 45" x 144", and we added a Triangular Fringed Shawl (similar to our #SFS44, but cut diagonally) for the hips (sounds like a medieval batte-cry, "FOR THE HIPS!!").

All are made with rolled hems hand sewn with silk thread for even dyeing. Dye & paint them, spin & twirl them, whatever! Dance the night away on silken wings!

Made in: CHINA (CN)
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accessories > Veils

189 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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I have been actively dyeing these for 2.5 years and although I sell many of them I also wear them daily - so I'm giving feedback from both perspectives.This fabric is stunning! It is my personal favorite. It dyes well and easily (FYI - I use the microwave method listed in the How-To's). The finished products are gorgeous professional-looking pieces. Without reservation I recommend these. That said here are a few things to be aware of (please note I didn't feel any of them warranted lowering my rating - so these are simply FYI's for you). 1) Be gentle with the fabric when ironing it! Ironing against the grain can move the sheer threads in ways you won't want. 2) I find that during the dyeing process about 50% of the time the tag comes at least partially off - I don't care and have not found that my customers do so I don't find this a big deal just mentioning it. 3) Finally it is hand sewn so you do find some imperfections but they are minor and so I just warn customers that is part of what they may find and advise they simply gently trim any loose threads.Again - this is a fabulous product - I've dyed hundreds of these guys by hand (and the 8mm ones). Highly recommend!
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I sucked one of these up in the vacuum cleaner.Way up there! I yanked and yanked and finally had to take the vacuum apart. It was filthy and I knew it would be ripped to shreds. I washed the silk and it was perfectly fine no tears or stains!
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Wonderful value! These are a great size for playsilks. They are thinner than the 8mm Habotai Scarves but make lovely flow-y giant playsilkscanopys.
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AWESOME veils!!! Excellent quality too!
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These largest of the silk scarves or veils are amazing fabrics. What is never mentioned is that these veils make amazing summer throws. Yes for those who cannot go without their "blankie" even in the summer months in Arizona this is the "go to". A glorious gossamer fabric that feels amazing to the skin and just the very thought of sleeping under a silk veil. I paint and dye them with various methods in vertical or horizontal placements. Those I have given as gifts come with replies of being surprised at the soothing comfort they give when used as throws.
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BELLYDANCER: The product itself is nice. I bought these to dye for bellydance. Many users on her have left notes about the silk being too light. I found mine too heavy. It feels more like the weight of a chiffon veil. I did check my order and my form does say I received the 5mm but I wonder if it could be eight. I actually think though that the hand-rolled hem on all four sides is what weights the dancing veil down. I'm a professional bellydancer and I've worked with silk veils for 10 years. I much prefer the 5mm silk from Dharma straight from the bolt. The hand rolled hem is convenient but I was bummed about the weight with the finished dyed product. The silk itself is lovely and the hem is nice just not quite what I hoped for.
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Lovely veils
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Gossamer wings! Love Love these. Wore one for my 25th wedding vow renewal and then bought one for a friend for her birthday. Very light and flowing silk. Looked great on the breeze on the Greek isle where we renewed the vows. Oh..and I always ALWAYS travel with it. Folds up into nothing and transforms any outfit.
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Dyed this black with acid dye and it worked very well. The veil is light and airy and drapes beautifully.
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I got my item in perfect condition and within a week from the date of order. There had been a glitch with the online ordering system but I called and talked to one of Dharma's operators and she walked through the ordering process with me in order to capture my order. Later I received an email from Dharma asking me to detail what had happened and if Dharma could do anything to make things easier. Dharma's customer service is excellent and the office staff is always willing to attend my concerns. I feel very secure ordering from them.
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Beautiful light weight veil.
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Not sure about this fabric. May not be good for the purpose i had intended to use it for. very light. dyed well though
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Nothing special just a big silk scarf.
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