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Marabu Heat-Setting Instructions

NOTE: Though we no longer carry Marabu paints, we are keeping our information pages on it's usage online. If you find this page to be in error or out of date, send us an email and let us know.

For best results allow painted or printed fabric to dry thoroughly for at least one half hour. For faster drying, place under a lamp, then heat-set. Heat setting locks color into fibers allowing for normal laundering. Home dryers DO NOT WORK. Commercial Dryer: 250° minimum temperature for 45 minutes. Be sure to pre-heat dryer. Iron: Note that temperature varies iron to iron. When using an iron, pre-heat iron at maximum temperature for fabric. Place aluminum foil on ironing board and the painted side of the fabric down. Press against the backside for at least 15-25 seconds per square foot. Using a Commercial Conveyor Type Oven: 350° for 3 minutes, two passes if necessary. Fabric should be hot to the touch to set colors. NOTE: Optimum time and temperature required to properly heat-set will vary depending on fabric, coverage and equipment.

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