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Electric Tjanting Tool & Temperature Regulator

Great for fast production work!

 4.11 ( 9 review )
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 w/ Temp. Regulator
For tjanting only, use code #ETJNR
  w/o Temp. Regulator
This is the Electric Tjanting only, without the temperature controller.
  Temperature Regulator
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Product Description

*Rheostat may look different than in the video. Don't worry though, we've made sure it is compatible with our Tjanting tool.

Tired of messing with regular batik tools when you're doing batik? Here's the alternative.

You still melt the wax first in whatever you normally use, but this tool keeps the wax temp in the tool constant so you use the wax down to the last drop without having to reheat. You can use a little scoop or something to scoop some wax into the tool. There is an interior pin to control the flow and keep it from dripping on the way to the fabric. Move it fast for thin lines and slower for thicker lines.

The regulator (Rheostat) allows you to adjust and maintain the correct temperature. This is so the wax never gets too hot and starts to smoke, but also so that you can adjust the temperature for different types of fabric.

Handy! Most useful for drawing lines quickly in production type work. Remember to work in a well ventilated area! If you choose to buy it without the regulator, make sure it never starts smoking - unplug quickly and air out the room if it does.

Watch the video, be patient, there's a learning curve, it does take practice. But we think it's worth it!

This tool is also used to melt and draw with any wax, crayons or colored waxes for encaustic art, candle decorating, wax resist techniques for ceramics, eggs and paper, and more. Use your imagination!

The RHE (Rheostat) has a 400 watt capacity and can also be used for soldering tools and wood burnishing tools.

Warning: This electrically heated tool is not intended for children under the age of 15. Adult supervision is required at all times. 120V 10 watts

Made in: TAIWAN (TW)

For tjanting only, use code #ETJNR

9 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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Used this for a batik on muslin with 26 students with veryclose supervision however being Montessori students it was a joy! Less mess and more control on dripping was a real plus to speed up the process so every student had a turn using it. The two yards of muslin was like a wonderfulcanvas of 26 unique paintings with names of artist ranging3rd through 5th. It sold at the school picnic auction for$285! We can't wait to use it again.a joy.
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I love my electric tjanting. It has saved me a lot of time over the years. I had to learn how to use it but once I did there was no stopping me! I use it for all the stuff in my designs that I can draw quickly and the more I practiced the quicker I got. I still use brushes and regular tjantings for fine detail work and other effects.
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Works very well and allowed me to have a hot enough wax resist to penetrate raw silk. Takes a little bit of practice to use but pretty easy to master. My only complaint is that the metal stopper sometimes gets caught on the fabric because it is rather sharp. Also if it gets in the wrong position wax can come out in blobs. I used small bits of chipped batik wax and put it directly into the pen rather than melting any first. That was really nice since I do small projects and hate having to melt a large chunk of wax in a pot. The soy wax also worked well in this pen but you can only get a wider line since the soy wax is more oily and spreads when it hits the fabric. The temperature regulator is a must have with this product in my opinion.
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I would prefer that they had the ability to change tip sizes so that you can control the width of the line
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I've only used this Tjanting tool acouple of times which means that I'm still in the learning period for using this tool well. So far it seems to work well. We'll see as time and usage progresses. You sent this so fast I was surprised that it came when it did. Thanks for your speediness in filling my order.
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This is a total time saver. I love it.
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The video shows the user being able to make fine lines - superior to a tjanting or hand drawing. However I find the wax flow much too fast and wide for the fine marks I hoped to make with this. I wouldn't put the money out for this product again and didn't return it simply because too much time had elapsed.
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This is a wonderful tool. Very easy to use!
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