Fire Retardant Spray For (Most) Fabrics

Fire-Proof and Non-Toxic

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Great for wall hangings, curtains, booth drapes, furnishings, fiber art for public places, etc. Works on most fabrics as well as raw, untreated wood. Does not work well on acrylic, acetate, Nylon or fabrics coated with Teflon, permanent press or other resistant coatings. (A test - if water beads up on a fabric, this product will not be able to penetrate.) Leaves no visible residue and will not discolor the fabric. Apply with a spray bottle or garden sprayer; never dip.

Work in a well ventilated area. Protect yourself from overspray with appropriate gear. Washing removes it. Dry cleaning ok for 2 or 3 times, then re-apply.

Does not harm the environment. California has a ban on the use of Flame Retardants that contain PBDE's (Poly-Brominated Diphenyl Ethers). This is a different kind of flame retardant that DOES NOT CONTAIN PBDE's

Meets California Chemical Approval #C-26501, NFPA 701, small and large scale, Class A or Class 1 ASTM E-84 on Raw Wood and Fabric, NFPA 701 and CA Title 19 1237.1 on Textiles, CA Title 19 1236.4 on Wooden and Compressed Cellulose Decorative Materials.

Firetect recommends that this product be reapplied every 3-5 years or after washing. That is not law, but something the company believes is simply a good precaution.

Great for trade shows, conventions and all public displays!

Quart covers about 100 square feet. The Quart Size comes with it's own sprayer top.

Gallon covers about 400 square feet.
The Gallon size does NOT come with a sprayer top.

5 Gallon covers about 2,000 square feet and ships via FedEx only.

Featured Customer Comment

I wanted to test this stuff before spraying the quilt and I had a piece of quilt scrap that I could use. First I tested the untreated scrap. Whoosh, it caught fire immediately and burned quite merrily.

Then I tested the treated scrap. The flame scorched and charred the quilt, but it did not catch fire. I was quite impressed. And it didn't change the hand of the quilt. So I sprayed the entire quilt, front and back.

It will not burst into flames, not even when everything else in the library is burning.

Are you going to do a fiber art piece that is going to hang in a public place? Here's a non-toxic, water based interior flame retardant for most fibers, including many synthetics and metallics. Used to treat curtains, booth drapes, backdrops, wall coverings, furniture, etc. Also works on cardboard, wood, some foam, and paper.


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Works great for pavilions and is approved by the fire marshal's at the faires we attend. Thanks.
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This stuff really works. I tested an untreated quilt scrap and it went up in flames. The treated quilt got charred but never caught fire. I had to use this on a quilt that will hang in a hospital and the fire marshal insisted on it being fire retardant. Didn't change the hand nor the colors.
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Works well easy to apply good price
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We bought this product for last years Ren faire season. Easy to apply did not dis color our canvas in the least. Our pavilions are a white (natural) color.
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This product has a very strong odor. I didn't end up using it because of the smell. However the Fire Marshall did say that this product met all the requirements for the state of North Carolina and would have been a good product. Strong odor is a common problem with this type of product. It was also one of the cheapest fire retardant sprays I could find.
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