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Jacquard SolarFast Film - 8.5" x 11"

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Product Description

SolarFast Film is a high-quality inkjet film, specially coated for maximum ink density and moisture resistance. The film is also super thin (4mm polyester base) for optimal clarity when making SolarFast prints. Gives better results than any other film or acetate.
SolarFast Film may be used to print custom negatives on any inkjet printer. Layer two negatives for higher contrast or if your printer outputs less ink.
Print-side is the side that feels slightly sticky to the touch. This side with the ink ALWAYS goes face up when making SolarFast prints! Carefull not to get this side wet, or the ink can come off. The other, non-tacky side is water proof, so that you can wipe off the dye and use over and over and over.

Contains Eight 8.5" x 11" sheets per pack.


3 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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This film is so cool. It's tricky to find the 'right' side to print on. Make sure your fingers are dry and just listen for the squeaky side. Put it in your inkjet printer so you print directly on the squeaky side. The print comes out really well if you have photo shopped your image. Works well for photographs with good definition. Change to black and white first then use the "Invert" tool. (mine was a little hard to find but I found the clue looking it up in ''. Makes a wonderful negative of the photo to use with the solarfast dyes.Make sure the film is kept in a clean place away from the dye until the paint is patted almost dry. I put the image face up on the fabric with a sheet of plexiglass over it. Race outside and watch the Solarfast dye develop! It's very cool. Regular acetate for inkjet is a little smudgy this film makes a clean image which is what you need.
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Super easysuper good.
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I definitely had to use the doubled method they suggested online. Hint: let them dry thoroughly before you lay one on top!
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