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SilkPaint! AirPen® Pro

Bigger, Better, Stronger

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Product Description

These are back and better than ever! Check out their new look!

New configuration for professionals! The SilkPaint AirPen® Pro Dispenser is a hand held, air-powered tool for drawing fine decorative details and outlines, or for filling intricate areas. Resists, paints, glues, glazes, and other viscous mediums are effortlessly dispensed by placing a finger over the flow control hole. The patented AirPen® Pro, designed for the professional, has all the great features of the original SilkPaint AirPen, plus additional cartridges and tips, a stronger pump and anti-gravity piston "followers" which allow you to work on a vertical surface, all organized in a handy, dual-opening carry case. Great for detailed production work and to ease repetitive wear and tear on your hands from squeezing applicator bottles all the time!

Kit includes:

  • 8 cartridges
  • 8 anti-gravity "followers"
  • 8 foam plugs
  • 14 Interchangeable applicator tips of assorted sizes for thick to thin lines. 
  • 8 red storage tips
  • 8 red storage plugs with tab
  • Dispenser
  • 2 cleaning plungers
  • Puller tool
  • Air pump
  • 5 ft. white airline
  • Durable plastic case with instructions

Tips include: 

Plastic Taper: 14GA, 16GA, 18GA, 20GA (1 each)   Metal Tip: 25GA (2), 23GA (2), 22GA (1), 20GA (3), 18GA (1), 16GA (1)

SAPET is a full set of replacement tips. They are the same as the kit and include:

Plastic Taper: 14GA, 16GA, 18GA, 20GA (1 each)   Metal Tip: 25GA (2), 23GA (2), 22GA (1), 20GA (3), 18GA (1), 16GA (1) 

Please note: If used for an extended period of time, the pump may stop working to prevent itself from overheating. If this happens, let it sit until cool and try again.



3 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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It does what it says it does! I find that this allows me to apply gutta in a more relaxed way since I'm not constrained by the need to squeeze the bottle while moving my wrist. Since getting the AirPen my lines are much more flowing and longer! I find it a great aid!
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The SilkPaint! AirPen Pro is the best investment I've made for my silk painting work. It's easy to control the flow of resist and movement of the tip. My time is shortened in applying the resist and my hand is no longer strained by needing to squeeze a bottle. I absolutely love it!
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Love this tool. Saves me from hand cramps from squeezing bottles. Why I waited so long to purchase it I can't explain. If you use gutta you need this tool
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