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Stove Top Steamer

 4.56 ( 10 review )
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Product Description

This stainless steel steam cabinet sits on top of 2 of the burners on your gas or electric stove. Side to side works best, so make sure you have a stove where it can hang over the edges on each side if the stove surface is less than 40" wide, i.e., the counter tops are not taller than the surface of the burners!
You heat water in a compartment at the bottom of the steamer, bring to a boil to produces steam which will fix the dyes on the fabric. The silk is rolled up with unprinted newsprint on a provided metal rod and suspended above the simmering water. The lid is flat on the outside but there’s a lip around the inside of the lid that channels the condesating water away from the silk.
Steaming time depends on the type of dyes and the amount of fabric on the roll. Generally, steam time will range from 20 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the size of the roll. Takes up to 19 yards of 36" wide fabric or approximately 12 yards of 45" or 55" wide fabric. For the wider silks you will need to fold the silk to fit onto the rod making sure to place unprinted newsprint between the folds. The steamer measures 39.5" long x 6" wide x 8.5" deep and weighs 26 lbs. It should be noted that this item is not magnetic so will not work directly on induction stoves. However, induction interface disks can be used as the intermediary to get this baby working with your stove!

*No returns on this drop ship item, unless it of course it is defective.  


39.5 long X 6" wide X 8.5" deep
10 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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I am so happy with this steamer!
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The steamer we bought through you arrived in perfect condition! It was excellently packed in two boxes with packing peanuts around the inner box and even with extra pieces of cardboard and an extra layer of packing peanuts at each end to keep the steamer in the middle. It was completely stabilized and protected for shipping super shiny and well made of stainless steel. - There was some welding visible at each end and I called up the manufacturer to ask about that. They were very on to of the situation and had a person in charge call me back: The steamer is double checked and welded where neccesary. They also told me to call them if the steamer at all leaks. But there is no leaking and it works very well! I love using it. - As an aside I have later found out that stainless steel is actually quite difficult to weld.
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I am satisfied with the steamer. Everything about it is excellent except for the solderingwelding at the joints look like spot welds rather than a long steady thread. It has not leaked so I'm assuming they are okay.
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This is great product. Works wonderfully!
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Came with a lead had to get it fixed.
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Haven't used it yet had it delivered to friends visiting USA who kindly brought it back to Australia in their generous luggage allowance!Swift pre-Xmas delivery perfectly packed looks in mint condition. Great design sits snugly over my stove now I need to start industrial silk painting in between day job have just ordered 500m butcher paper!Nothing like this available in Australia. Thank you. hilaryh
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I am very pleased with my Steamer. It steamed evenly without any steam escaping or condensation dripping. It has allowed me to be independent and steam my own silk. Yay! Bebanne Art :-)
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The first steamer I received had a leak. I called Dharma Trading's customer service number and they arranged to have a replacement shipped immediately. The replacement steamer works very well! A word of caution the edges of the steamer are sharp enough to cut your fingers if you aren't careful.
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Easy to use great results
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