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Carageenan (blender type)

 4.00 ( 4 review )
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Stock# Product Details Quantity Dharma Price
  8 oz. - 1.5 cups - (makes about 12 gallons)
  1 lb. - 3 cups - (makes about 24 gallons)
  5 lbs. - 15 cups - (makes about 120 gallons)
  25 lbs. - 90 cups - (makes about 720 gallons)
  55 lbs. - 200 cups - (makes about 1500 gallons)
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Product Description

Carageenan is also known as "Irish Moss", even though it is made from a special type of seaweed. Actually, we think the seeweed is called Irish Moss also But enough trivia. It is used in this business for making the jelly-like solution called "size" that marbling paints float on. Marblers use either this, or Methocel, which is a sawdust by-product. The main advantage of Carageenan is that most folks find it easier to float their paint on it than on Methocel, making it easy for artists and better for beginners. The main advantages of Methocel are that it is less expensive and it keeps longer, especially when you have a sizing pan so big it cannot be refrigerated when not in use, and it is hot and humid out. Try both, see which works better for you in your situation with your skill level.

Mixing Directions:

Mix 2 tablespoons to a gallon of water. Best to do it in batches in a blender for the most even consistancy.

For a square yard 36" x 36" you will need to fill a 38" x 38" tray with about 7 gallons of size.


4 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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Worked like a charm and seemed to last about 3 weeks.
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Stuff works great if you follow instructions. It's called 'blender type' for a reason. Stirring just doesn't cut it. Lasts a long time too.
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This order was from last summer. I was just learning to use this stuff. Taught my daughter my sister and have the most wonderful pictures of my 5 year old granddaughter as she learned it too!!
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We followed the Dharma website instructions on preparing the size and spent a huge amount of time stirring without getting it to dissolve completely. Later a Google search produced lots of reports from people about better ways to make size using carageenan. We wasted a lot of money and ended up using shaving cream.
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