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Jacquard Screen Filler and Block Out Solution

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Product Description

Screen Filler and Block Out is just what it sounds like!
This creamy liquid is used to fill in the tiny holes of your mesh screen so that ink can not pass through. It can be used to repair an existing emulsion-ed screen you have laying around or simply hand paint a design negative directly onto a screen. When painting onto a screen make sure that the screen is slightly elevated from our workstation and always let the filler dry thoroughly.

Jacquard's Screen Filler is formulated to work in conjunction with Jacquard's Drawing Fluid. So, if you have a drawing or design in mind that you want to trace onto your screen you can do that with the Drawing Fluid and fill in the rest of the screen with the Block Out solution.

To remove the Screen Filler Jacquard recommends that you cover both sides of screen with paper towels and wet them with diluted bleach. Let the paper towels sit, while wet, for up to 20 minutes. Spray both sides of the screen with cold water and the Screen Filler will soften and wash out. Be aware that the longer you leave the Screen Filler on the screen the harder it will be to remove.


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