55% Hemp / 45% Cotton Jersey 61"

55% Hemp / 45% Cotton Jersey 61"
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55% Hemp / 45% Cotton Jersey 61" $10.79 9.70 8.82/yd.
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A wonderful blend of hemp and cotton with the positive aspects of both. Has a nice 2 way stretch and is soft to the touch. For anything you would make in jersey but is going to last a lot longer! This fabric is replacing our HJ (Hemp Jersey) with a much lower price, wider width and it's just slightly lighter in weight. It is now also bleached and optically whitened, so perfect for tie-dye and batik! This fabric ships in a bag instead of on a bolt.

Fabric Details

  • 55% Hemp / 45% Cotton Jersey Knit, Bleached and Optically Whitened
  • 5 oz per square yard, 61" wide
  • 2-way stretch
  • Suggested usage; clothing, sheets and pillow cases, home decorating etc.
  • Available in cut yardage ( bulk discounts levels at 10+ yds.) and in 30 yard bags
  • Using the highest setting on the dryer we found that this shrinks 7% in Length and 2% in Width disclaimer
  • Machine wash in any temperature water
  • You can dye this with Our Fiber Reactive Dyes

Remember, bolts vary! They can be over or under - we charge you for the actual yardage. If you need very specific yardage, order cut yardage.

There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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3 star rating
This fabric takes dye beautifully and has a drape and sheen that is wonderful for summer apparel. However the 10-yard cut I purchased was so skewed that I had to spend a considerable amount of time stretching it on the diagonal so I could make a garment that would hang straight and not twist. I will not be purchasing this fabric again.
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4 star rating
As a replacement for the original Hem Cotton Jersey fabric it is very much whiter and brighter but I miss the original thicker and slightly nubby texture. From my experience so far dyes come out a bit pinkercooler because this is so bright white of a fabric. It is slightly rougherstiffer than the original HCJ but not a whole lot. The fabric feels like a normal cotton knit but if using the fabric as-is for a top I would not wear without another layer underneath.
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3 star rating
i really miss the old hempcotton jersey. This one is very light very bright and so different i cannot really use it for my purposes. I order it from time to time for special projects but it pales in comparison to the "old" fabric.
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4 star rating
There is a weird bias to this fabric but I decided to just match the selvages and cut it out normally. It worked the shirt doesn't hang funny or skew after washing. You can see however that the 'grain' (if you can call it that with knitted fabric) runs at about a 35degree angle. All in all though the T is comfortable and washes well. But I think instead of getting more of this fabric I'll buy a regular men's hemp T-shirt and refashion it to fit me.
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