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Silk/Wool Fabric 12.5mm

 4.32 ( 20 review )
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Stock# Product Details Cut Yards 1-9 10+ Bolts of
52 yards.
  55" wide
per yd.
$.25 Fabric Sample
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Product Description

Some time ago we got interested in silk/wool blends. So we set about the task of sourcing them and found several. After narrowing down the selection to a lightweight and a heavyweight blend, we placed our orders for fabric and scarves. Well, something happened, which I cannot now recall, and we only received the heavyweight fabric and the lightweight scarves. Unfortunately, we had all kinds of problems with the heavyweight fabric, but the lightweight scarves were beautiful!

So finally, here it is: Lovely - the same fabric our silk/wool scarves are cut from. Lightweight and semi-sheer, this fabric is softer than wool, but warmer than silk!

Fabric Details

  • 63% silk / 37% wool blend fabric
  • 12.5mm, which is about the weight of 12mm Crepe de Chine- 55" wide
  • You can dye this with Acid Dyes
  • Suggested usage; great for scarves, shawls, shirts..
  • Has a diagonal weave
  • We found that this shrinks 7% in Length and 1% in Width disclaimer
  • Available in cut yardage (bulk discounts levels at 10+ yds.) and in 52 yard bolts

Remember, bolts vary! They can be over or under - we charge you for the actual yardage. If you need very specific yardage, order cut yardage.

There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...

Made in: CHINA (CN)
Category: Arts & Entertainment > Hobbies & Creative Arts > Crafts & Hobbies > Fibercraft & Textile Arts > Textile Art Materials > Fabric

20 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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This is a dreamy fabric that loves loves loves dye! YOu can use natural dyes or procion and get great deep colors you just don't get with other fabrics! If I was going to marry a fabric this would be the ONE. The scarves in this fabric are also great.
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Very impressed with the weight and feel of the fabric. There is a added softness after washing that makes it especially appealing. Will be ordering more in the future for those very specially scarfs. Hope you keep this as a staple in your line ALWAYS as I can not find it anywhere but here.
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I think I want Dharma to carry more wool. This fabric is fairly light and airy--not heavy like a wool coat. I want to make warm winter clothes for my toddler from it.
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Fabric is very lightweight and not easily adapted to garment sewing. Would make a good shawl or stole
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this is a very nice fabric - ordered it first as scarves and made several dye tests and they dyed great. Best thing is the weight and warmth. Perfect! Ordering yardage now. Love it!
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Love the light "floaty" texture for a scarf.
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Love this fabric. Makes great shawls and scarves.
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This fabric is a dream to dye. It takes acid dyes beautifully. Irons easily too.
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Interesting stuff. Lightweight and see-through so blouses and skirts would either need to be lined or you'd have to pick your undergarments with the understanding that they would be visible. The most obvious application is for scarves. I was able to do some nuno felting with this but it required a fairly extreme amount of friction to get the wool fibers to migrate through the fabric - had to resort to needle felting my design on first. Since wool and silk take acid dyes at slightly different temperatures I found that using ammonium sulfate instead of citric acid gets the colours a bit more even otherwise you have the silk fibers and the wool fibers absorbing dye at a different rate. I'm also accustomed to fabrics with this type of weave and weight piling after processing and wearing but this stuff seems to be holding up pretty well.
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Lovely fabric with diagonal weave plenty of body - is see through prior to dyeing (unsure how it looks after dyeing). Planning to make a light cardigan with this would recommend. Hard to stop running your hands over!
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I love this fabric. It's unlike any other fabric I've ever sewn. It's sheer and warm and bouncy - yes BOUNCY! Hand rolled hems work very well for this fabric - are easy to sew and look beautiful. It does not look anything like what one thinks of as wool. It most certainly would not be appropriate for a tailored jacket for example but for a soft drapey shawl it's the best. It takes acid dyes beautifully. (be careful it's easy to get the color too intense) It is a joy to hand sew. so far I've made 2 shawls of this fabric. I'm now trying to come up with an excuse for a third.
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Exactly the fabric I was looking for! It dyes beautifully with indigo. Haven't tried other dyes yet.
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I purchased this to try rusting on it. It did great but was a little thinner than I thought it would be.
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