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Silk Blend Fabrics 
Here are some really fantastic blends of Silk and other fibers. These are all really strong, some have wonderful textures, and they all benefit from the sheen the silk provides.
They are also fun to dye, as the Fiber Reactive dyes will sometimes dye the Silk (protein fibers) component one color and the hemp or cotton (cellulose fibers) component another. Our Alter Ego dyes work on all these as well (Except the silk/wool. Use Acid Dye for that one).
There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...
Stock # Fabric Type Cut
Full Bolts
(per yard)
#BSVEL 13.19 11.89 11.09
#CS45 14.45 13.25
#DSAT45 7.99 7.35 6.79
#HS 20.87 19.13 17.66
#HSCH 22.42 20.55 18.97
#SSVEL 16.95 15.95 14.95
#SVEL 11.59 10.95 9.95
#VRS 7.95 7.15 6.49
#SWF 11.79 10.89 10.09
#WJ242 13.89 12.50 11.36

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