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Leaves Table Runner

With a simple pattern and bold color you can brighten up any table! The colors used here are basic, but mixed together the palette is endless. In this project we used Jacquard Textile Paint, but you could also use Dye-Na-Flow, Lumiere, or Neopaque on any fabric. All paints can be mixed together and all heat fix with the same method.

artist: Sue Stover



1. Lay ironed fabric out on covered work surface.
2. Lightly sketch out design using an auto fade pen.
3. Mix an olive green out of Jacquard Textile Colors Apple Green, Orange and White. Paint half of each leaf in this color.
4. Mix a yellow ochre color out of Yellow, Apple Green, Orange and White. Paint the other half of the leaves.
5. Mix a brown out of the Apple Green and Orange to paint the stems.
6. Mix a bright green for the veins of the leaves out of Apple Green, White, and Yellow.
7. For the end design the pattern is mixed out of White, Ruby Red, and a little Yellow. The background is mixed out of White and Sky Blue.
8. We highlighted the pink color of the pattern by lightly brushing over it with a mixture of White and Orange.
9. With some Black in an applicator bottle, outline all of the shapes to make them really stand out.
10. Heatset as directed on the bottle.  

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